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Veteran's Corner: The Rodgers

Series: Veterans Corner | Story 7

COLFAX - William (Bill) Rodgers, 84, and his wife Julia met in the Navy.

Born in Colfax, Mr. Rodgers went into the service in 1957, serving for four years in the Navy in Japan, China, and the Philipines as a mechanic.

"My dad was Navy, and it looked to me like a good deal," he said, "I didn't have to get out and wade around in the mud you know."

Rodgers said his job was to work on the ship, "What would you call it mother?" he asked Julia, "She does more of the memories than I do," he said.

"I thought you did engineering work in the Navy," she said, which he responded.

"Some," he said.

The firs...


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