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Land Transactions

D M G, INC, of Spokane, Wash., transferred land, Colfax, Wash., to James Gilchirst, of Colfax, Wash., parcel 2-0000-43-15-2900, selling price $1,400,000, Statutory Warranty Deed, Jan. 10, 2023.

Melinda Palmer, of Jasper, MO., sold 406 Mill Street, Colfax, Wash., to Nicodemus Nolta and Nell Lokteff, of Colfax, Wash., parcel 1-0040-00-33-10-0000, selling price $222,000, warranty deed, Jan. 10, 2023.

Dean and Jan Thoemke, of Pullman, Wash., sold 210 NW Terre View Drive, Unit J, Pullman, Wash., to Nitin Adiseshadrirao and Meghana Ramakrishna Rao, of Moscow, Idaho., parcel 1-1553-99-01-17-0010, sel...


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