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Pullman Regional Hospital

Adhya Chowdary Parchur, a girl, was born Jan. 2, 2023 to parents Prasad Parchari and Agasthya Baby Chenna Prakash, a girl, was born to parents Prasad Parchuri and Agasthya Baby Chenna Prakash of Pullman. Paternal Grandparents are Suresh Parchuri and Angali Parchuri of Tirupati, India. Maternal Grandparents are Prakash Chenna and Lakshmi Sai Krishna Chenna of Tirupati, India.

Cassie Rae Wysup, a girl, was born Jan. 11, 2023 to parents Chandler and Stephanie Wysup of Pullman. She weighed 8 pounds, and 1 ounce. Paternal Grandparents are Michael and Shelley Wysup of Pullm...


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