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Rosalia's Red Brick Cafe shuts doors

Owners of family owned cafe make hard decision

ROSALIA – Owner's of the Red Brick Cafe in Rosalia, Kris Hemenway-Sheets, 69, and husband Gary Sheets, 70 have made the reluctant decision to close their doors for the winter. The cafe will be officially closed Friday, Sept. 30, its last day open, Thurs. 29. The cafe will also be closed next Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 1 p.m. due to catering for two big group parties.

The Red Brick Cafe opened in 2018, and is the only family cafe in Rosalia. There is a bar where children are not allowed, and a coffee shop.

"We managed to survive the pandemic, but it really got us," said Mrs. Sheets.

"It's been a very...


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