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Colfax history: Historical buildings, fraternity block

Editor’s NOTE: This is the final story of a five-part series about the history of Colfax leading up to a July 23-24 celebration.

COLFAX — The three-story Fraternity Block building was designed by A.F. Perry of Walla Walla and constructed in 1889 at a cost of $12,000.

In many historic pictures of Main Street, the building can be seen as a centerpiece.

This three-story building was originally capped with a wooden tower and referred to as the “space needle,” which was removed for safety reasons. Referred to today as the Masonic Lodge, it was a favorite with the public in local tours of historical buildings.

The Hiram Masonic Lodge and International Order of Odd Fellows had rooms on the second and third floors. The ground f...


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