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Motorists here pay less at pump than state average

Washington average price for gallon of gas reaches $5.51, reports

COLFAX— Despite record high fuel prices, Whitman County motorists are spending less money on gasoline and diesel than across much of the state.

This morning, reported the average price for a gallon of gasoline at a new record level of $5.51 per gallon in Washington State. That’s the fifth-highest price in the nation.

Drivers in Washington state are paying an average of 53 cents more per gallon than the rest of the country. Washington state’s fuel tax is 49.4 cents per gallon, in additional to national and other taxes.

Despite the rising cost of fuel, Gov. Jay Inslee has refused to consider suspending the state’s gasoline tax

Gas prices are more than $2 per gallon higher than the same time last year, when the average price was $3.06 per gallon.

And the price is more than $3 per gallon higher than the final months President Trump was in office, when gas could be found in many area of Eastern Washington as low as $1.97 per gallon, including Pasco, Ephrata, George and other areas.

Across Whitman County, prices varied today.

In Colfax, reported the lowest-price gasoline at $5.25 per gallon at Cenex, 205 E. Harrison St., and Cougar Mart, 804. N. Main St.

In Pullman, the lowest prices was the Mobil station, 770 N. Grand Ave., at $5.19 per gallon, GasBuddy reported.

Torry’s Country Store, 102 E. Front St., St. John, was offering gas at $5.27 per gallon, according to the website.

Meanwhile, prices in Tekoa and Rosalia clocked in at $5.31 per gallon, the website reported.

Motorists heading to Idaho were likely to find cheaper gas.

The lowest price in the area was $4.99 per gallon at Primeland Co-Op, 2555 U.S. Highway 95 South, in Moscow, the website reported.

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