Manipulation by fear


February 11, 2021

People are manipulated through fear.

•Fear of terrorism

•Fear of climate change

•Fear of the corona virus

The politicians and media, with the help of academia and other recipients of money from the government, fan the flames of fear. People react to fear by doing what so-called “experts” tell them to:

•Destroy Iraq, bombing them and killing hundreds of thousands of people

•Hang humanity on a “Cross of Iron” by spending trillions of dollars on the military-industrial complex

•Support alternative energy production that harms the environment without providing one kilowatt of baseload electrical generation

•Surrender the Creator’s precious gift of individual rights

The beauty of the American system is that it uses the principle of individual rights to counter the evil in this world. The more individual rights are respected, the more justice prevails. Deny people their rights and injustice flourishes.

The solutions of the so-called “experts” always involve violations of individual rights.

Recently, our right to work, to associate, to attend church, to be in control of our health care decisions, and even our right to hold an honest election have been stolen from us.

This theft occurred because fear was invoked, followed by “experts” telling us that these violations of our rights are necessary.

It is complete manipulation. The people are once again conned. The result is a loss of individual rights along with a corresponding increase in injustice.

Beware of manipulation. Despise the fear mongers. Remove the hollowness of the words “the home of the brave.”

Roger Whitten,

Deer Park


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