Real Estate Sales: November 12, 2020

Series: On The Record | Story 27

November 12, 2020

Susanne Pring to Mohammad Islam and Nafia Ishrat Alamgir, Pullman, house on Lehman Court, Pullman, $372,000, Oct. 20.

Larry and Ramona Pfaff to Zachary and Katie Zaring, Colfax, house on Upper A Street, Colfax, $270,000, Oct. 21.

Thomas Webber, Pullman, to Nancy Gillard and Meade Snoddy, Pullman, condominium on Fancy Free Drive, Pullman, $214,000, Oct. 20.

Keith and Pamela Becker to Lance and Barbara Poulson, Colfax, house on G Street, Colfax, $350,000, Oct. 21.

Andrew Wascher and Michael Martel-Wascher, Kennewick, to Paul and Kourtney Hixson, Stanwood, house on California Street, Garfield, $205,000, Oct. 21.

John Hoyt, Farmington, to Hope Investments, LLC, Spokane, house on Lincoln Street, Farmington, $25,000, Oct. 21.

Brant Steigers, Pullman, to Jason and Jordan Cvercko, Pullman, house in Big Sky Court, Pullman, $409,900, Oct. 25.

Robert Finney and Barbara Varnum-Finney, Shoreline, to Robby Borden and April Sells, Pullman, undeveloped land, $89,000, Oct. 23.

Dolores Haley to Scott and Tamber Couch, Oakesdale, house on Pearl Street, Oakesdale, $150,900, Oct. 22.

Charles Parker and Leisa Schmidt, Tacoma, to Michael and Lorraine Hughes and Bobbi Hughes and Set Bynum, Moscow, 1997 24X44 Fleetwood mobile home, $65,000, Oct. 28.

Wilson Real Estate, Yakima, to Christine Bowles, Liberty Lake, house on Broadway Street, Tekoa, $175,000, Oct. 7.

JUAUL Inc., Colfax, to Darrell and Shawnda Booth, Colfax, undeveloped land, $5,000, Oct. 28.

Robert and Carol Gay, Colfax, to Dale and Elizabeth Mann, Colfax, land only, Colfax, $40,000, Oct. 28.

Janette Sinclair, Endicott, to Mark Shields, Colfax, house on Hill Street, Endicott, $150,000, Oct. 28.

Karen Eldred to Elijah Coleman, Pullman, house on Lost Trail Drive, Pullman, $236,000, Oct. 29.

Dolores Maier to Gregory and Connie Young, LaCrosse, house on Clark Street, LaCrosse, $96,000, Oct. 16.

John and Shannon Ellis to William Mandarino, Hay, house on Main Street, LaCrosse, $40,000, Oct. 20.

Alison Thams, Spokane, to Timothy and Carrington Buonamia, Rosalia, house on Park Avenue, Rosalia, $178,500, Oct. 13.

Susan Quackenbush, Walla Walla, to Ship and Abigail Sprouse, Pullman, house on Shirley Street, Pullman, $199,500, Oct. 28.

Timothy and Laylah Sullivan, Albion, to Wadsworth Property Management, LLC., Pullman, house on E Street, Albion, $92,000, Oct. 29.

Olivia Brackett, Garfield, to Kara Christiansen, Colfax, house on Lake Street, Colfax, $168,000, Oct. 29.

Kara Christiansen, Colfax, to Keith and Jennifer Hartley, Sale Lake City, Utah, house in SR 195, Colfax, $245,000, Oct. 30.

Heidi and Joshua Evans, Uniontown, to Douglas and Ashley Hoyt, Pullman, house on High Street, Uniontown, $269,000, Nov. 5.

Morgan and Tina Davis, Ammon, Idaho, to James Davis, Palouse, house on Bluff Street, Palouse, $25,000, Nov. 2.

Mark and Meghan Urlacher to Kelly Kimmel, Santa Rosa, Calif., 1996 40X28 mobile home, $48,500, Nov. 2.

Orene Gutierrez, San Lorenzo, Calif., to Robert and Laura Johnson, Colfax, ag land on Carothers Road, Pullman, $200,000 Oct. 26.

Larry and Sandra Martin, LaCrosse, to Kaleb and Suzanne Bleeker, Colfax, aircraft transportation, LaCrosse, $55,000, Oct. 28.

Ben and Rebecca Armstrong to Gabriel DeRuwe and Tanya Gale, Pullman, house on Sand Road, Pullman, $575,000, Oct. 22.

Meade Snoddy and Nancy Gillard, Pullman, to Willis and JoAnne Worthy, Pullman, house on Sunset Drive, Pullman, $340,000, Oct. 29.


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