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Real estate: October, 29, 2020

Series: On The Record | Story 20

October 29, 2020

Randy and Kim Clark to Jason Klinke, Colfax, house on Cherry Street, Colfax, $132,000, Sept. 24.

Randall Kemman, Lakewood, to Jacob and Nicole Davis, Pullman, 1970 60X12 mobile home, $5,000, Oct. 6.

Kayla Brink to Allan Bull, Garfield, house on California Street, Garfield, $99,500, Sept. 30.

Laurel Aldrich to Reyna Chacon Bartolome and Hector Contreras, Pullman, 1994, 40X26 Champion mobile home, $30,000, Oct. 5.

Harvest South Pullman, LLC, Pullman, to Corporate Pointe, LLC, Pullman, undeveloped land on Brelsford Drive, Pullman, $719,737.22, Oct. 7.

Jacob and Kindra Church, New Richmond, Ind., to Jennifer and Christopher Clarkson, Garfield, house on College Street, Colton, $325,000, Sept. 22.

Breckenridge Property Fund, Redondo Beach, Calif., to Brian and Kristal Halverson, Garfield, house on Cleveland Street, Garfield, $135,000, Sept. 30.

Robert Maley, Thornton, to River City Custom Homes, LLC, Colbert, Wash., lots in Rosalia, $15,000, Oct. 2.

Red Dog Investments, Pullman, to Chelsea Emerson and Richard Jacobsen, Albion, house on D Street, Albion, $85,000, Oct. 6.

Kailey Druffel, Clarkston, to Alan Goodman and Tran Hang, Pullman, house on Cleveland Street, Pullman, $231,000, Oct. 7.

Gregory and Karen Blomgren to Joseph and Dorothy Doll, Tekoa, house on Lake Street, Tekoa, $100,000, Sept. 16.

James and Renee Heimbigner to Zachary and Emily Cadman, Pullman, house on State Street, Pullman, $334,000, Oct. 7.

T. James Lingg Trust, Yuma, Ariz., to Ryan and Meggan Bishop, Overland Park, Kan., ag land, Colfax, $1,000, Oct. 8.

Adriana Alire, Pullman, to Kevin Martin, Pullman, 1979 66X14 mobile home, $25,000, Oct. 8.

Arthur and Andrea Simanson, Pullman, to Desiree Gould, Pullman, house on Crestview Street, $373,000, Oct. 6.

Ricky Stowers, Pullman, to Emma Trayte and Sandra Everson, Pullman, house on Webb Street, Pullman, $206,000, Oct. 8.

Kourosh Amini, LaCrosse, to Paul Lucas, Ridgefield, house on Star Avenue, LaCrosse, $98,000, Sept. 24.

Matthew Pumphrey, Cheney, to Russell and Laura Haase, Moscow, Idaho, house on Summit Avenue, Rosalia, $240,000, Oct. 7.

Kurt Rathmann and Carrie Lipe to Michael and Keegan Potesky, Colfax, house on Mill Street, Colfax, $235,000, Oct. 8.

Charles Munson to Samuel and Trisha Wright, Pullman, house on Casey Court, Pullman, $365,000, Sept. 17.

Richard Lohman to Mary Anne and Eric Vivier, Oakesdale, house on Pearl Street, Oakesdale, $196,500, Oct. 7.

Hector and Inda Carranza, Portland, Ore., to Donald and Ashley Olsen, Pullman, house on Skyline, Pullman, $332,000, Oct. 7.

Jeanne Holstad to Jimmy Nguyen, Pullman, house on Davis Way, Pullman, $329,000, Oct. 8.

Carlos Mancilla and Nicole Ikewiez, Pullman, to Gail Kirkpatrick, Moses Lake, 2015 44X28 Skyline mobile home, $127,500, Oct. 12.

David Stueckle, Arnold Stueckle, Stueckle Family Trust, heirs and devisees of Fred Stueckle and Emma Stueckle, LaCrosse, to Alan and Cathy Morgan and Justin and Bridgett Morgan, Colfax, land, Colfax, $1,197,904, Oct. 6.

Ralph Kilpatrick Residual Trust and Estate of Marillyn Kilpatrick, Oakesdale, to Jason and Janell Baker, Oakesdale, property on Hume Road, $295,000, Oct. 9.

Brian Eggert, Napa, Calif., to Michael Noel, Pullman, house on Morton Street, Colfax, $169,000, Oct. 7.

Brenton and Heather Cammack, Colfax, to Steven and Bobbi Ritchey, Carnation, Wash., house on Hilty Road, $225,000, Oct. 14.

Ansel Anderson to Javier Illan and Sandra Esteo, Pullman, house in Derby Street, Pullman, $400,000 Oct. 7.

Citizen Homes, LLC, Spokane, to Arash Moghaddam and Adriana Rosales, Bothell, multiple family residence on Center Street, Pullman, $558,000, Oct. 13.

Gabriela Mazur and Stephen Birr, Albion, to Kristina and Holly Reynolds, Seattle, house on Dexter Street, Pullman, $375,000, Oct. 15.

Charles and Carrie Coen to Charles and Caroll Stiff, Colton, land only, Johnson, $19,000, Oct. 14.

Itani Quality Homes, Pullman, to Jeremy and Dita Wexler, Pullman, house on Panorama Drive, Pullman, $531,000, Oct. 14.


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