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Land Sales: October 1, 2020


October 1, 2020

Joel Yochum, Spokane, to Mark Calhoun, Meridian, Idaho, undeveloped land, Red Tail Ridge, Colfax, $51,5000, Aug. 21.

Ryan Larsen, Rosalia, to Amber and Brian Mast, Rosalia, house on 7th Street, Rosalia, $72,500, Aug. 21.

William and Peggy Orsborn to Catherine Olivio and David Mitchell, Colfax, house on SR 272, Colfax, $362,500, Aug. 21.

David Woodall to Mick Kryzak, Uniontown, house on Palouse Court, Uniontown, $285,000, Aug. 21.

J. Read Smith, Spokane, to Richard and Karen Larson, Port Ludlow, Wash., lot 8, Heglar Addition, St. John, $24,500, Aug. 21.

Amy and Stephen McDuffie, Pullman, to Brian Hemingway, Pullman, house on Terre View Drive, Pullman, $260,000, Aug. 21.

Estate of Paul Cocking, Colfax, to S & S Construction and Sales, LLC, Colfax, house on Main Street, Colfax, $90,000, Aug. 24.

Cole Kimble, McCall, Idaho, to Brian and Bonnie Walther, Pullman, 1996 44x26 Guerd mobile home, $57,000, Aug. 24.

Willis and Joanne Worthy, Pullman, to Daniel and Carrie Waldron, Sumner, house on Joe Street, Pullman, $297,000, Aug. 24.

Eric and Melissa Mele, Starkville, MS, to Daniel and Veronica Perez, Pasco, house on Panorama Drive, Pullman, $495,000, Aug. 25.

Kevin and Carol Kirkman, Pullman, to Leland Washington, City of Spokane Valley, house on Karcio Court, Pullman, $339,000, Aug. 25.

Jennifer and Mikel Isbelle, to Stephen Sorenson, Colfax, house on West Street, Colfax, $190,000, Aug. 27.

Mark Hemighaus and Vicky Lott to Kelsey and Nathan Taysom, Colton, ag land on Becker Road, Colton, $225,000, Aug. 27.

Carrie and Kyle Funke, Spokane, to Shane Johnson and Annie Smith, Pullman, house on Harrison Street, Pullman, $335,000, Aug. 27.

Saula and Jennifer Finau to Alex Clausen, Sacramento, Calif, house one Cleveland Street, Pullman, $210,000, Aug. 27.

Babu Mariadoss and Angelina Lucas, Lubbock, Texas, to Kyle and Charissa Morse, Pullman, house on Thomas Street, Pullman, $339,000, Aug. 27.

Citizen Homes, LLC, to David Chu, Bellevue, multi family residence on Center Street, Pullman, $558,000, Aug. 27.

Eva and Martin Andersen, Vineyard, Utah, to Robert Gabriel, Silverton, Ore., house on Terre View Drive, Pullman, $250,500, Aug. 27.

William Kabasenche and Chimena Kabasenche, Pullman to Ryan Graves, house on Old Moscow Road, Pullman, $305,000, Aug. 28.

Lyle and Ami Libey, Pullman, to Kyle Libey, Pullman, house on Sunrise Drive, Pullman, $306,000, Aug. 28.

Tom and Jodi Chamberlain, Liberty Lake, to Tyler LaVoie, Pullman, house on Cedar Street, Colfax, $210,000, Aug. 27.

James and Simona Pearce, Bothell, to Cody Wilson, Pullman, house on Larry Street, $259,000, Aug. 28.

Scott and Amber Suess, Hampstead, N.C., to Marla Francis, Pullman, house on Lost Trail Drive, Pullman, $297,500, Aug. 31.

Fred and Marla Morscheck, Pullman, to Lyle and Ami Libey, Pullman, house on Sunrise Drive, Pullman, $439,500, Aug. 31.

Travis and Cherylann Brock, Colfax, to Jason and Cindy Martin, Albion, undeveloped land on E Street, Albion, $23,000, Aug. 31.

Renstrom Homes, Garfield, to Julie Dwyer, Pullman, land with new building on Canyon View Drive, Pullman, $490,000, Aug. 31.

Elizabeth LaRue, Pullman, to Barbara Marshall, Pullman, 1995 40x28 mobile home, $97,000, Sept. 1.

Heather McIntee, Oakesdale, to Robert and Maureen Hooper, Oakesdale, house on Steptoe Avenue, Oakesdale, $80,000, Sept. 1.

David Vreekin and Kathleen Vreeken to Lake-Crispell Exempt Family Trust, Colfax, lot on Red Tail Ridge Road, Colfax, $39,000, Sept. 1.

Gabriel and Megan Brannan to Jacob and Angela Spence, Pullman, house on Fisk Street, Pullman, $210,000, Sept. 1.

Mark and Gail Costello to Mark Wilson, Pullman, lot on Red Tail Ridge Road, Colfax, $40,000, Sept. 1.

Joseph and Cayla Smetana, Pullman, to Peter and Holly Poquette, Spokane, house on Lincoln Street, Colton, $263,000, Sept. 1.

Jason and Mindy Robinson, Worley, Idaho, to Whitney Bloom, Liberty Lake, house on Sheridan Street, Tekoa, $13,850, Sept. 1.

Tae Ho Kim and Sung Yee Yang, to Joseph and Cayla Smetana, Pullman, house on Panorama Drive, Pullman, $510,000, Sept. 2.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, Coral Gabies, Flo., to Beau Roberts, Garfield, house on 7th Street, Garfield, $104,000, Sept. 2.

Phillip and Leanne Wicklund, to Hunter and Tamara Hatch, Great Falls, Mont., lots on Truax Street, Tekoa, $35,000, Sept. 2.

Drive Assett Consulting, Lindon, Utah, to Howard and Brenda Pearson and Elroy Brewer, Colton, undeveloped land on Wawawai Road, Colton, $45,000, Sept. 2.

Haylee and Austin Bull to James and Rita Barry, Uniontown, house on Welle Drive, Uniontown, $345,000, Sept. 3.

Suzanne Webster to Charly Coyle, David Coyle and Kerry Balow, Pullman, 1983, 14x70 mobile home, $8,000, Sept. 3.

Nicole Wood, Pullman to Philip and Penny Weagraff and Evan Weagraff, Palouse, parcel on 8th Street, Palouse, $65,000, Sept. 4.


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