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Ballots due by day's end


Primary election ballots are due today. For those who have not already submitted their ballots, for your vote to be counted, ballots must be postmarked today or dropped of in a designated ballot box or with the elections office.

A ballot deposit box is located in the Whitman County Elections Center and in the alley behind the elections center for drive-by drop-off.

Until 8 p.m. today, replacement ballots, accessible voting equipment and ballot boxes are available in the elections center until 8 p.m. That is also the deadline for drop boxes.

Outside Colfax, ballot boxes are located in Pullman at Pullman City Hall’s Service Center at 325 SE Paradise Street and outside the west entrance to the CUB on Terrell Mall.

All ballots are postage paid and may be mailed from any USPS location or dropbox.

Any ballot not postmarked today or in ballot boxes before 8 p.m. will not be counted.


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