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On the Record: June 18, 2020


Real Estate

Kirk Hansen to Rachel Lewis, house on 4th Street, Oakesdale, $59,900, May 1.

Barry Holben to Jeff and Samantha Skinner, Emerson Road, $170,000, May 1.

Robert and Anna Morgan to Jason and Tawni Bishop, house on Hall Drive, $244,000, May 1.

John and Gisela Merriman to Timothy Whisenand, lot 1 block 1 Morrow land, Malden. $66,000, May 1.

Jacob Bunyard to Steven and Anna Hildebrand, house on Cooper Street, Colfax, $184,000, May 4.

Greg Rankich to Andrew Potter, house on State Street, Pullman, $185,000, May 4.

Steven Aspenwall to Jamie Lindsey, 1976 60X140 OakBrook mobile home, Colfax, $1,000, May 5.

Donna and Steven Holberg to Samue and Cindy Rhodes Durkee, house on Meadow Street, Colfax, $197,500, May 5.

Rafi and Sultana Samizay Living Trust to Elizabeth and Taras Nazarov and Ganna and Evan Stowe, house on Water Street, Pullman, $315,000, May 6.

James and Rachel Bennett family living trust to Andrew and Kara Nelson, ag land on Walter Siding Road, Garfield, $161,240, May 6.

KIP Development to Robert and Linda Spady, Palouse Business Center, Pullman, $590,000, May 6.

Travis and Cheryl Brock living trust to Timothy Kientz, house on B Street, Albion, $72,500, and 40X14 Silvercrest 2007 mobile home, $22,500, May 7.

Violet Poole to Landon Barnum, 56X12 Frontier 1966 mobile home, Pullman, $22,000, May 7.

Randy and Mary Jo Atwood to Richard and Margo Wekenman, lot in Fitches Addition, Palouse, $20,000, May 7.

Voge Irrevocable Trust to CCA, LLC, ag land, Rosalia, $276,000, May 7.

Dissmore Foods LLC to Pullman Laundry Company, College Hill building, $220,000, May 7.

Kurt and Jackie Tetrick to Richard and Kathreen Miller, house on East Street, Colfax, $246,000, May 8.

Debra and Daniel Litchfield to Kent and Connie Jones, 40X26 Kingston 1995 mobile home, Pullman, $63,500, May 8.

Donald Heroff to Christopher and Carly King, house on Kamiaken Street, Pullman, $324,900, May 11.

James and Becky Elias to Stanley, Linda, Burke and Jennifer Harris, duplex on High Steer, Pullman, $281,000, May 11.

Gaidy Property Investments to Donald Jr. and Jennifer Rhoads, house on Upper Drive, Pullman, $350,000, May 12.

David and Sherma Tysz to Jason and Mindy Robinson, house on Water Street, Tekoa, $5,000, May 12.

Marilyn Adams to Daniel and Tamara Harder, ag land, $400,000, May 12.

Jared Byers to Claire and Richard Merchant, 48X28 Fleetwood 1998 mobile home, Pullman, $76,800, May 15.

Stephen and Carol Stirling to Benjamin and Theresa Saunders, 66X14 Fleetwood 1997 mobile home, Pullman, $70,000, May 15.

Yinghui Wu and Feng Long to Aaron and Kelly Dunnington, house on Meyer Drive, Pullmanm $450,000, May 15.

Matthew Duncan to Harley and Ashley Conklin, house on Broadway, Colton, $205,000, May 15.

Katelyn Littleton to Morgan, David and Tammy Brace, [email protected] Fleetwood 2000 mobile home, Pullman, $33,500, May 15.

Joshua Bodey to Travis and Cheryl Brock, 70X14 Kit 1985 mobile home, Albion, $22,000, May 15.

Jackie Wilkins to William and Sandra Turner, house on Footloose Drive, Pullman, $250,000, May 15.

Charles Schulhauser to Kolde Real Estate, ag land on Albion-Parvin Road, $382,750, May 15.

Marc Cussatt to Jared Byers and Ashley Hayes, house on Robert Street, Pullman, $350,000, May 19.

Patsy Zanto to Hope Investments, LLC, lots in Sheehans Addition, Farmington, $30,000, May 19.

Chongie Zhu and Ming Xian to Chase and Chantelle Potter, house on Edge Knoll Court, Pullman, $515,000, May 20.

Sharon Eklund to Tim and Tami Southern, single family property, Garfield, $300,000, May 21.

Amy Richard to Mark Street, house on Walnut Street, Pullman, $305,000, May 21.


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