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On the record: June 4, 2020


Real Estate

Douglas R. and June M. Liguori to Matthew and Shandra Duncan, Uniontown, house on Broadway, Colton, $135,000, April 20.

WM and Valerie Felsted to Peter and Karen Felsted, house in Pullman, $124,240, April 21.

Warren Neal to Sean and Jenny Neal, Garfield, agriculture resource, Garfield, $457,000, April 21.

Michael B. and Joyce A. Price to Marcus and Jill Fry, Selah, Wash., two to four residential units NW North, Pullman, $260,000, April 22.

Eileen Tague to Nellie and Ronald Nelmes Sandfly, Colfax, house on N Cedar Street, Colfax, $180,300, April 24.

Itani Quality Homes Inc. to Kim Christen, Pullman, undeveloped lot in Sunnyside Heights, Pullman, $539,000, April 24.

Scott and Sarah Hamilton to Jonathan and Janet Richards, Pullman, house on Carriage Hill Court, Pullman, $600,000, April 24.

Kimberly A. Christen to Casey St. Clair, Pullman, house on NW Joe Street, Pullman, $345,000, April 24.

Marina Tolmacheva to Elias and Ashley Whitefoot, Pullman, house on NW North Street, Pullman, $259,000, April 24.

Patrick and Patricia Ellsworth to Elizabeth and Robert Matthew Smith, Pullman, house on SW Junegrass Lane, Pullman, $285,000, April 24.

David and Sara Emerick to Thomas and Sarah Shirley-Pollock Morrell, Pullman, house on SW Center Street, Pullman, $510,00, April 24.

Jaye and Grace Jarchow to Larry Don and Virginia R. Bowen, Sandy, Utah, mobile home on S. Grand Avenue, Pullman, $21,250, April 27.

Leroy Walton Jr. to Christin and Jerek West, St. John, house on W. Heglar Lan, St. John, $160,000, April 28.

Felipe and Luz Guitron to Dustin and Marilda Mondell, New York, N.Y., house on Red Tail Ridge Road, Colfax, $34,000, April 28.

Jacob and Mandy Donnerberg to Michael and Jolene Hale, Tekoa, house on E Seaman Road, Tekoa, $302,500, April 28.

Robert and Sheryl Bashaw to Luke and Martha Baumgarten, Pullman, house on SW Campus View Drive, Pullman, $680,000, April 28.

Mader Development Inc. to Kamiak Place LLP, Pullman, undeveloped lot on NW Terre View Drive, Pullman, $97,500, April 28.

Jeffrey and Barbara Fehr to Sean and Sarah Michael, Selah, Wash., two to four residential units on NW Turner Drive, Pullman, $233,900, April 28.

James and Jessica Colvin to Kenneth Edward and Nelda Gonzalez Gow, Pullman, mobile home on NW Golden Hills Drive, Pullman, $75,000, April 29.

Michael Nearing to Evan and Melissa Painter, Pullman, house on SW Corral Court, Pullman, $330,000, April 29.

Daniel and Kathleen Hutton to Mark and Jodel Cooper, Tekoa, house on N Sheridan Street, Tekoa, $116,500, April 30.

Palouse Builders LLC to William Buchan III and Elizabeth Buchan, Longview, Wash., undeveloped land on Amber Ridge Road, Palouse, $75,500, April 30.

Itani Quality Homes Inc. to Grace Mengel, Pullman, undeveloped lot on SW Marcia Drive, Pullman, $415,000, April 30.

Terry and Brooke Cohen to Ceeman and Amutha Kamaraj Vellaithurai, Pullman, house on SW Casey Court, Pullman, $398,000, April 30.

Robert J. and Susan R. Bullard to Kurt Cretors, Scottsdale, Ariz., mobile home on NW Golden Hills Drive, Pullman, $45,000, April 30.

Kirk Hansen to Rachel and Corey Alban Lewis, Oakesdale, house on S 4th Street, Oakesdale, $59,900, May 1.

SD7 Inc. to Larry and Pamela Kelley, Colton, house on Lake Street, Colton, $36,000, May 1.

Robert W. and Anna L. Morgan to Jason and Tawni Bishop, Pullman, house on NW Hall Drive, Pullman, $244,000, May 1.

John D. and Gisela Merriman to Timothy Whisenand, Ritzville, house in Malden, $66,000, May 1.

Davis Elizabeth Estate to Jacob Bunyard, Colfax, house on W Cooper Street, Colfax, $144,000, May 4.

Bank of American NA to Greg Rankich, Kirkland, Wash., house on SW State Street, Pullman, $141,750, May 4.

Chuck Lyman to Steven L. Aspenwall, Colfax, mobile home on S Hillcrest, Colfax, $2,640, May 5.

Tamara Harder to Donna and Steven Holbergm Colfax, house on S Meadow Street, Colfax, $94,000, May 5.

Michael B. and Joyce A. Price to Marcus and Jill Fry, Selah, Wash., two to four residential units on NW North, Pullman, $260,000, May 6.


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