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Ideals of equality


It is understandable that many Americans, especially those of European ancestry, express minimal outrage at the George Floyd killing in Minnesota. Their family or “their people” are not much affected They don’t worry much if they encounter the police. When racial atrocities occur and there is little concern by the majority, we may encounter an “us versus them” phenomenon. This can lead to name-calling and eventual genocide, according to Dr. James Waller, author and former Whitworth faculty member. In fact, white people should realize that when calling police on a black person, it could result in death.

Reverse the situation. Imagine a forty-six year-old handcuffed white man being crushed under the knee of an African American police officer for more than eight minutes until he can’t breathe, basically rocking on the man’s neck, and not until three days later, arresting the primary offending officer for 3rd degree murder.

Known as law enforcement officers, police are paid and trained to protect not murder. Errant police officers should be publicly identified along with the victims. If police officers' names are etched in public discourse and history, and they are held accountable, they might consider the gravity of their despicable behavior and refrain from it.

How George Floyd was murdered is sickening if done by anyone, let alone law enforcement officers. Let’s demand our country live up to our ideals of equality. Let’s get active. Start with the NAACP in Spokane – 509-209-2425 and/or email SCAR at http://www.SCAR/Spokane/contact.

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