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On The Record: Real Estate, May 21, 2020


Jean Paul Strozewski and Jessica Jackson to Brittany Sanders, Pullman, house on NW Polaris Street, Pullman, $262,000, March 27.

Timothy Thompson to William and Edith Connor, Endicott, house on G Street, Endicott, $55,900, March 27.

Jason and Mindy Robinson to Mary Hiibel, Tekoa, house on N Sheridan Street, Tekoa, $124,900, March 27.

Amy E. Hetrick to Mary Holbrook, Albion, house in Albion, $175,000, March 27.

Kelly D. and Kelly A. Stewart to Suzan and Douglas Gibbs, Albion, house on West 1st Street, Albion, $187,000, March 30.

Hayden Homes, LLC to Benson Nderitu and Leah Kapeen, Pullman, house on SW Panorama Drive, Pullman, $80,000, March 30.

Casey St. Clair to April and Dirk Danninger, Pullman, house on NW Valley View Drive, Pullman, $621,000, March 31.

Charlie Hammerich to Joshua and Mia Gleason, Pullman, house on NW Hall Drive, Pullman, $285,000, March 31.

Eric and Linda Needham to Brian and Tovah Yenna, Pullman, agriculture resource on Carothers Road, Pullman, $325,000, March 31.

Karen Eastburn to Charlie and Kaylee Hammerich, Pullman, house on SR 195, Pullman, $337,000, March 31.

Charles M. and Joan S. King to Altaria and Jeremy Bogle, Pullman, house on NW Terre View Drive, Pullman, $341,000, April 1.

Katie Dugger to Joan Wilmotte, Colfax, house on W Fairview Street, Colfax, $215,000, April 2.

Michael Nelson to Melanie Meagher, Tekoa, house on S Crosby Street, Tekoa, $150,000, April 2.

Gloria Cottle to Becky Hulse, Colfax, condo on N Mill St, Colfax, $85,000, April 3.

Andrew and Kari Scheef to James and Jessica Colvin, Pullman, house on NW Fisk Street, Pullman, $315,000, April 3.

RB Olson Construction LLC to Ashley and Dakota Baugus, Pullman, house on NW Emily Court, Pullman, $448,000, April 6.

A. Morgan Wright to Vilma Navarro-Daniels and Maria Previot, Pullman, house on SW Alcora Drive, Pullman, $418,000, April 6.

Casey Cook to Jon Strine, Tekoa, house on SR 27, Tekoa, $256,500, April 6.

DJ and Julie Mackie, Pullman, to German and Maria Lara Valderrama, Pullman, house on SW Panorama Drive, Pullman, $389,000, April 6.

Andre and Milena Wright to DJ and Julie Mackie, Pullman, house on NW Nicole Court, Pullman, $580,000, April 6.

Daryl and Kathleen Storment to Billy and Danielle Hobert, Pullman, house on SW Hannah Street, Pullman, $423,900, April 6.

Colin Grier to Jennifer and Cinda Siegrist, Pullman, house on SE Gladstone Street, Pullman, $200,000, April 6.

Ravindra Mulpuri and Shalini Pollmetha to Merlin and Laureen Foard, Pullman, house on NW El Dorado Drive, $376,000, April 7.

Milton Estate Nelson to Steven Nelson, Thornton, house on McCanse Rd, Thornton, $13,275, April 7.

Rickey and Karol Chazell to Jack and Marci Fanning, Oakesdale, house on North 4th Street, Oakesdale, $175,000, April 8.

Sherry and Lester Hitchcock to Nicholas Risch, Davenport, house on W Celebration Street, Rosalia, $56,000, April 8.

Anthony and Krystal Leavitt to Dustin and Marilda Mondell, New York, N.Y., lot in Red Tail Ridge Subdivision, Colfax, $41,000, April 8.

Kevin and Sue Kirkman to Vaithianathan and Rajeswari Soundararajan Venkatsubramanin, Pullman, house on SW Waha Court, Pullman, $155,000, April 8.

Railroad Ave. Properties LLC to Robert and Mary Dreewes, Colfax, house on Ackerman Lane, Colfax, $260,000, April 10.


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