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On the Record: April 16, 2020


April 16, 2020


Gloria Laufoff, furnace exchange, Cedar St., $3,486.26, March 2.

Ken Cochran, sewer line replace, Oak St., $9,325.95, March 10.

Caleb Bravard, addition/finish basement, Lake St., $22,530, March 10.

Scott Steiger, ADU with garage, 419 Upper A, $94,188, March 10.

S & L Rentals, office building with park, Mill St., $530,000, on hold.

Whitman County Auditors, framing walls, entry, door, window, Mill St., $14,000, March 11.

City of Colfax, install gas heater and pipe, Clay St., $2,819, March 11.

Kurt Rathmann, bath/basement remodel, Mill St., $4,000, March 17.

Caleb Bravard, mini-split heat/cool, Lake St., $5,700, March 18.

Mark Johnson, gas piping for generator, Main St., $800, March 20.

Robert Davis, demo house/garage, Cedar St., March 20.

Gina Hopkins, mini-split heat/cool, B Ave., $4,698, March 20.

Amelia Kolb, re-roof, Oak St., $14,572, March 24.


Carolyn and Allen Martin to Edward and Courtney Waddell, LaCrosse, house on S. Hill Avenue, LaCrosse, $186,000, March 12.

Jonathan Meredith to Curtis and Chelsea Smoke, Tekoa, house on S. Broadway, Tekoa, $144,000, March 12.

Rodd, Clare and Robanne Olson to Tyler and Courtney McPherson, Pullman, house on NW Darrow St., Pullman, $280,000, March 12.

Ricky Crisp to Nicholas and Jordan Holmes, Colfax, house on W. Orchard St., Colfax, $30,500, March 13.

Brenda Burton to Western Postal Realty Holding, LLC, Cedarhurst NY, house on California Street, Garfield, $65,000, March 13.

Paul and Monica Vascon to Casey Lowder and Bronwyn Gunn, Pullman, house on SW Alcora Dr, Pullman, $385,000, March 13.

Chris Clark and Ron Lacey to St. Patrick's Catholic Parish, Colfax, residential multiunits on S. Main St., Colfax, $15,000, March 13.

Two-GM LLC to Garage Mahal LLC, Pullman, services, $159,000, March 13.

Cyril Morgan to Joanne McBride, Pullman, house on SE Kamiaken St., Pullman, $315,000, March 13.

Dan and Madeline Kistler to Sergio and Ashley Molina, Pullman, house on SW Center St., Pullman, $331,500, March 13.

Tiffani and Luke Provo to Marc and Stephenie Litten, Pullman, house on SW Fountain St., Pullman, $370,000, March 17.

M. G. C. Enterprises Inc. to Harry and Nairanjana, Pullman, house on SW Hannah St., Pullman, $475,000, March 17.

Professional Concepts Inc. to Jared Spalding and Shannon Normandin, Pullman, house on NW Webb St., Pullman, $148,000, March 18.

Friends of Hospice to Pius Ndegwa and Felicina Muchiri, house on SE Sandalwood Dr., Pullman, $330,000, March 18.

Aztec Foreclosure to Wells Fargo Bank, Des Moines, Iowa, house on N. Park St., Colfax, $134,400, March 18.

Rebecca Williams to Williamsgang LLC, Vancouver, house on NW Ritchie St., Pullman, $0, March 19.

Brian and Elizabeth Frederiksen to Jaron and Ruth Griffin, Pullman, house on SW Big Sky Ct., Pullman, $390,000, March 19.

Myra Bremen to Bremen Family Trust, Anaheim, Calif., condo on NE Merman Dr., Pullman, $0, March 19.

David and Shaila Campbell to Minto Michael and Pearl Macwan, Pullman, house on NW Canyon View Dr., Pullman, $374,000, March 20.

Christopher and Danie Hall to Jesse and Shantewa Hopkins, Colfax, house on W A Ave., Colfax, $195,000, March 20.

Vilma Navarro-Daniels to Veronica Mendez-Liaina, Pullman, house on NW Arcadia Dr., Pullman, $240,500, March 23.


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