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Democrat complaint


Washington State Democrats have submitted a bill (SB 5395) to mandate sex education in schools grades K to 12 without the approval of parents or guardians. This should be a big help for those Democrats who want our children to learn that if they get pregnant they also have the right to get abortions to kill their babies. Democrats, what is your next brilliant plan? Could it be we also need to have mandatory training in our schools on how to use a gun to shoot each other? That way we can be assured that those children who haven’t been taught this by Hollywood and the TV shows that those children wouldn’t miss out on a much better education provided by the Democrats of this state. What is the matter with Democrats of the US who fight to have the right to kill babies while at the same time complaining about those children here and throughout the world being killed by killers like those Democrats and others proclaim it is their right to kill their babies. It is true that a pregnant woman murdered by any person is guilty of murdering both the mother and child yet many Democrats claim they have the right to take the life of their own child or have a doctor do it for them, she considers it her legal right. I am not talking about a woman who was raped or is herself at high risk of surviving. It is those who by their own choice or stupidity get pregnant and then decide to have the child killed because it will inconvenience them. That is murder!!

Why are the Democrats so concerned about the US not accepting illegal immigrants in numbers that we can’t afford to take care of. We can’t event take care of many of our own native Americans or black or other citizens. Are the same persons donating enough of their money and time to the charities that are trying to take care of them? If the California Democrats want these illegal immigrants than they should have them. California Democrats pay all cost for education, health care and any other expenses to care for them out of their own pockets. We could also have a special additional tax to cover those costs on Democrats or any other individual who want to bring them in.

Some Democrats and Republicans seem to believe that everything on this planet belongs to them, they award themselves salaries in millions just for keeping the CEO or an executive seat warm. The rest of us are considered to be their slaves. Many working for less than survival wages for their corporation or businesses. There are power hungry leaders from both parties that go throughout the world using us their slaves to fight the armies of other nations killing many of our own while killing the nation’s soldiers and many innocent citizens telling them how they will make them into a Democracy like ours.

Ray Schug,



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