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Human mind greatest resource


February 27, 2020

I have just read Carl M. Ogren’s letter where he hyperventilates over the coming climate warming catastrophe. I have also just read a 2020 report from NASA predicting a coming ice age.

I worked for “The Mother Earth News” in the late 1970’s, and I recall very well all the predictions then of a coming ice age. I completely bought into Paul Ehrlich’s “End of Affluence” and “The Cold and the Dark.” I recall that Manhattan was predicted to be under an un-melting sheet of ice by the year 2000. Then the alarmist changed the meme to global warming…and then to climate change…and then to climate catastrophe…and then to climate collapse…and repeatedly we had only a few years left to solve the problem or else we would be dead. Maybe I’m old school but the global cooling model makes more common sense to me. Which is…more pollution in the air reflects more of the sun’s energy and the earth gets colder. Example, in 1883 the volcano Krakatoa erupted and put so much dust into the air that the earth was globally cooler for four years. For the record I am for clean air, clean water and against pollution.

So, I really don’t know what the climate is going to do in the distant future or the near future. Nobody else does either, scientist or otherwise. Heck, we don’t even know what the weather is going to be next week. Maybe the “ring of fire” volcanoes will put us all in the deep freeze. We don’t know.

So, I may be a bit confused about what the problem is…or will be. But I know two things: (1) the answer is NOT a one world government that will tax us all (except Al Gore and the other elites) back to a pre-industrial revolution existence; which seems to be the only solution I have heard proposed from the climate alarmists. (2) The greatest natural resource on earth is the human mind and its ability to overcome all obstacles and challenges.


Just a few years ago Al Gore used the now famous “hockey stick graph” to frighten a whole lot of people…but the “dead” lines he predicted, came and went with no catastrophe. Also, a lot of other alarmists’ “dead” lines have come and gone without the predicted doomsday. Forgive me for ignoring the “wolf” call this time. Actually, I have a lot of hope based on a different hockey stick graph.

Here is the real hockey stick graph that gives me THE hope that I highlighted as (2) above: It is the hockey stick graph of declining world wide poverty. Two hundred years ago in 1820, around 90 percent of the world’s population lived in EXTREME poverty. By 1920, just a short 100 years later, that fell to 75 percent. This year, 2020, the number has dropped to less than 10 percent (that is still way too many, but the graph is headed exponentially in the right direction).

What happened during these time periods to account for this drop in misery? The industrial revolution, and the growing worldwide acceptance of capitalism―fueled by freeing the creative human mind from almost ubiquitous tyrannical government systems. These are the very things the climate alarmists want to reverse and then have enforced by an all powerful government―usually a global socialist government.

Another good hockey stick graph to consider for this same time period is the radical decline in child mortality. In 1820, world wide, one in three children died before the age of five―that is one third…or 33 percent. But child mortality has dropped to less than 1 percent in the developed countries. And in Afghanistan, which has the world’s highest infant mortality, just over 110 per 1000 children die before age five― and there is a war going on over there, yet the trend is still in the right direction. These are historical facts that can be checked not just predictions about what may or may not happen in the future.

I’m optimistic that in 100 years the world will be a safer better place to live―unless we fall into the nanny state tyranny trap.

Travis Brock,



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