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On The Record: February 13, 2020


February 13, 2020


Joey and Lynette McCanna, St. John, to Nathan and Joanna Jones, St. John, undeveloped parcel on Sohon Court, St. John, $35,000, Jan. 17.

Steven Diamond, Owasso, Okla., to Shul Yuen Lam and Mei Wah Irene Tang, condominiums on W. Wadleigh Drive, Pullman, $188,000, Jan. 20.

Jon C. Ledbetter to Rance and Denise Larsen, Colfax, house on Bumgarner Road, Colfax, $290,000, Jan. 22.

Kay Camp LLC, Melbourne, Fla., to Kay Camp Smith Melbourne, six parcels of land west of Dusty, $784,870, Jan. 23.

Edward Blaszak to Luke and Boonjin Stanis, Hauser, Idaho, house on S. Crosby, Tekoa, $68,500, Jan 23.

CHS Inc., St. Paul, Minn., to Shepherd Family Holdings, commercial property on E. Front Street, St. John, $262, 887, Jan 23.

Blue Sky Class-A LLC to Garage Mahal, non residential condominium on SR 270, Pullman, $289,500, Jan. 23.

Eric Alan Shaw, to Patricia Colton Shaw, quit claim on house on N. E. Street, Albion, $92,000, Jan. 24.

Johnny Parkins to Carl and Leslie Jo Sena, Palouse, house on N. J Street, Palouse, $140,000, Jan. 24.

Leann Thomas, St. John, to Robert and Vicki Falkerstein, Lamont, house on Garfield Street, Lamont, $40,000, Jan. 21.

Alan Martinson, Pullman, to Alan and Virginia Martinson, quit claim on property along Wawawai-Pullman Road, $208,786, Jan. 27.

Edward and Karen Hinnenkamp, Pullman, to John Hofer and Mary Christina Thompson, house on S. Mill Street, Colfax, $45,000, Jan. 27.

Scott and Patrica Bergstedt, Burien, to Mathew and Kiri Aldredge, Pullman, house oh SW Cityview Street, Pullman, $263,000, Jan. 27.

Karl and Cori Dieseldorff, Rosalia, to Hayee Fishback, Rosalia, house on S. Josephine Street, Rosalia, $200,000, Jan. 27.

Charles Schulhauser, Pullman, to Velle Kolde, house on SE McKenna Street, Pullman, $325,170, Jan. 27.

S & L Rental LLC, Colfax, to Joey and Lynette McCanna, St. John, lot in block one, Pleasant Valley Addition to St. John, $6,500, Jan. 28.

Mallard Cougs LLC, Seattle, to HRA Pullman Development LLC, multi residential unit on C Street, Pullman, $882,787, Jan. 28.

Shoreline Cougs LLC, Seattle, to HRA Pullman Development, multi residential unit C Street, Pullman, $882,787, Jan, 28.

HRA Cougs LLC to HRA Pulllman Development, multi residential unit on C Street, Pullman, $882,787, Jan. 28.

Yates Cougs LLC to HRA Pullman Development, multi residential unit on C Street, Pullman, $882,787, Jan. 28.

Crystal Langley, Endicott, to Austin Danielson, Endicott, quit claim on land parcel with mobile home on Hill Street, Endicott, $3,000, Jan, 29.

Rolling Hills Association, Burlington to Dennis and Mariann Chiocco, residential property on Prairie Ave., Uniontown, $60,000, Jan. 28.

Mader Development Inc., Genesee, to Crew Construction, Pasco, residential unit on MW Canyon View Drive, Pullman, $87,000, Jan. 28.

Bud Garelts, Asotin, to Zachary Cartwright, multi residence on NW Webb, Pullman, $115,000, Jan. 24.

Craig Lawson, Boise, to Dan Mayfield, Dryden, house on SW Latour, Pullman, $296,000, Jan, 31.

Cecil and Angel Colyar, to Kenneth and Debora Wigington, house on E. State Street, St. John, $164,000, Jan. 31.

Harvey Olson, Tekoa, to Jennifer Olson, quit claim on parcel on S. Broadway, Tekoa, $45,000, Jan. 31.

Greg Casey, Colfax, to Starling Lindsey, 1975 Gentry 70 X 14 mobile home on N. G Street, Albion, $10,000, Jan. 31.

Richard Arquette, Hoquiam, to Mary Sinnamon and Elizbeth Fisk, house on SW Shirley, Pullman, $243,500, Jan 31.


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