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Letters: January 2, 2020


January 2, 2020

American heroes?

Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, like all members of Congress, took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Despite this, she and all House Republicans voted against impeachment of President Trump! Maybe, because she knew the impeachment articles would pass without her support, she chose not to stick her neck out. So much for the oath she took, huh?

Russia has and still is undermining us and sowing confusion across the world. McMorris-Rodgers seems to recognize the danger because she has voted in favor of sanctions against Russia. So why can she not see that Trump's behavior towards Putin is treacherous and needs to be stopped?

McMorris-Rodgers has significant influence with many of her district constituents, with other House Republicans, and presumably with Senate Republicans. Yet, on this vital issue, she missed a historical opportunity to do the right thing.

The Senate will have its turn. Most senators on many issues are strongly at odds with the actions of President Trump. His threats and actions to oppose them at elections are well known, be "primaried" by a candidate more to Trump's liking.

The Senate will now have an opportunity to rid themselves and the country of a corrupt White House occupant, and in so doing, they will preserve our American democracy. Will they, like McMorris-Rodgers, duck and violate their oaths? Or will they become American heroes and remove Trump from office?

Mark Bordsen,



We sit in our comfortable living rooms or dens, watching TV. We read the sports pages and enjoy drinking and partying at tailgate parties. We over eat and try to lose weight by buying weight-watchers subscriptions and enrolling in well-equipped gyms. We drive our gas-guzzling SUV’s from one store to another to shop. We love to call, text and search on our smart phones. Wow. What a hard life we have.

In the meantime, our country, supported by our tax dollars, has rounded up over 70,000 children separated from their families at the Southern border and confined to cages just this year. Our military might has supplied weapons and military hardware to the country that just killed 34 Palestinians, among them eight in one family.

We ignore our fellow citizens who are homeless – don’t let them sit or lie on the pavement because it is bad for business.

Ho hum… Let’s turn the channel and complain that our Amazon order hasn’t yet arrived.

Nancy Street,



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