On The Record: December 12, 2019


December 12, 2019


Oliver David Bowers, 34, and Mikala Rae Meize, 25, both Pullman, Nov. 22.

Jack Riley Pickard, 22, and Caylin Jeanette Hurdle, 22, both Pullman, Nov. 22.

Jarrod Raymond Troy, 33, and Jamie Jennifer Kopper, 34, both Pullman, Dec. 3.

Evan Conor Stow, 26, and Ganna Kondratiuk, 32, both Pullman, Dec. 4.

Kevin Patrick Adams, 38, and Chi-ya Chen, 36, both Pullman, Dec. 5.

Jeffrey James Gudmunson, 29, and Mary Chyanne Bentley, 34, both Colfax, Dec. 6.

Tara Nazarov, 34, and Elizabeth Jessica Pate, 29, both Pullman, Dec. 6.

Efren Macario Ramos, 28, and Cendejas Guadalupe Orozco, 28, both Pullman, Dec. 9.


Christopher McCully to Lindsay Drenner, Garfield, house on W. Spokane Street, Garfield, $113,400, Nov. 27.

Mitchell and Jolene Betz, Pullman, to Corey and Tawnya Eelkema, Farmington, house in Olson Belmont Short Plat on Highway 27, $276,000. Nov. 27.

Craig and Linda Dillard, Princeville, Ill., to Aaron Anawalt, triplex and interest in adjoining lot on NW State Street, Pullman, $100,000, Dec. 4.,

Sara Cerda, Tacoma, to Brandon Seller, house on SW Summer Street, Pullman, $236,000, Dec., 4.

Debra and Timothy Phillips, Colorado Springs, to Lynettte Brimble, three parcels of ag land, Tekoa. $60,000, Dec. 5.

Brandon and Jessica Reilly, Dallas, Ore., to Anthony and Brittany Baldwin, Colton, house on Lincoln Street, Colton, $354,000, Dec. 6.

Kirk and Melissa Dugger, Pullman, to PARJIM Farmland Holdings LLC, ag land north of Palouse, $718,127, Dec. 6.

Betty Jo and Dennis Gransberry, Colfax, to Dalton McNeilly, house on E. Cooper, Colfax, $138,000, Dec. 6.

Anthony and Brittany Baldus, Colton, to Shawna Martinez and Edward Powell, house on Welle Drive, Uniontown, $300,000, Dec. 6.

Mark Hubbard, Verona, Wis., to Clifford Beckman and Melody Fulton, house on SW Hannah, Pullman, $360,000, Dec. 6.

Todd Barnett, Kennewick, to Janie McElhenney, Coeur d’Alene, lot in Southview Subdivision No. 2, Uniontown, $55,000, Dec. 6.

Jennifer Slovak and Robert Dyke, New York, to Yael Merbi and Yosey Hagai, Pullman, house on NE Spring Street, Pullman, $315,000 Dec. 9.

Wendy Giffin, Palouse, to Maureen Jackson, Spokane, house on E. Mohr Street, Palouse, $184,000, Dec. 9.


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