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Party Lines


December 12, 2019

Donald Trump is close to being impeached by the House of Representatives. Hearings continued on Monday, but it is almost a forgone conclusion that Articles of Impeachment will be approved in committee by the end of the week and then voted on by the full House next week. The House, of course, is dominated by Democrats.

Should the Articles of Impeachment be voted in, then they will go to the Senate. At that point, a “trial” will be conducted in the Senate.

The Senate then votes on whether or not the president should be removed from office. The Senate is predominantly Republican.

The smart money says Trump will face impeachment. In fact, the announcement of the Articles of Impeachment has already been made public. They are limited to obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

The smart money is also on Trump not being removed from office by the Senate.

This is based solely on which party controls the votes. The Democrats control the House of Representatives, and the Republicans control the Senate.

In the move to impeach President Richard Nixon, a Republican, many in his own party were ready to vote for his impeachment, and many voiced support of the move. Thus, he resigned. The number of Democrats who crossed the line to impeach President Bill Clinton was fewer.

Now, the test is facing the current politicians on how they view the process. Will party affiliation be the standard for deciding their votes or will conscience and conviction cause them to separate themselves from their party’s line?

A lot is at stake, aside from the possible removal of a sitting president.

We may soon find out what motivates our leaders. Is it party loyalty or sincere convictions that the country comes first?

If the votes follow the same path as the rhetoric has, we may find ourselves unable to trust the motives and the fundamental interests of those who should be serving us instead of their chosen tribe.

This, of course, is not to say that politicians following their party’s line are without character. Many fervently feel that their party is right and that they should support it. It is only to say, with the claims and counter claims, the facts and the hyperbole, it is not likely that every Democrat would vote to impeach and every Republican, should the situation arise, vote to acquit. It could happen. The political divide in this country is just that rigid and immutable.

Surely, as with the general population, some hold unchangeable opinions while others are questioning the facts and the appearance of fact to try to come to a satisfactory personal conclusion.

Those questioning how they will respond to the situation are not wanted by their respective parties, but they are the ones most wanted and needed by the American people.


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