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Trivia Test: November 28, 2019


November 28, 2019


By Fifi Rodriguez

1. ANATOMY: What is a common name for the "digitus annularis"?

2. MOVIES: Which 1980s movie featured the song "Up Where We Belong"?

3. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: In which year did Harper's print its first magazine?

4. U.S. PRESIDENT: Which president invented the swivel chair?

5. GAMES: What is the name of the male mascot in the "Monopoly" board game?

6. HISTORY: Which Revolutionary War figure led the Boston Tea Party?

7. TELEVISION: What was the name of Lily and Herman's son in "The Munsters"?

8. U.S. STATES: What is the capital of Idaho?

9. BIBLE: What was Abel's occupation, compared with Cain's?

10. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of frogs called?


1. Ring finger

2. "An Officer and a Gentleman"

3. 1850

4. Thomas Jefferson

5. Rich Uncle Pennybags

6. Samuel Adams

7. Eddie

8. Boise

9. Abel was a shepherd, and Cain was a farmer.

10. An army

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