By Victoria Fowler
Gazette Reporter 

Courthouse phone revival stalls on format matchups


November 14, 2019

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Lance Bishop, county information technology director, reported to county commissioners that as of Monday afternoon, the automated process of moving the phone numbers to the new system has been rejected twice.

“This data is going from point A to B to C,” Bishop said. “If it’s not formatted exactly the same from all three parties there’s a misalignment and it gets rejected.”

Bishop explained that since the automated process isn’t working they will have to manually move each phone number through the system.

The county has approximately 375 different phone numbers to take calls, and they are on approximately 250 telephones.

“I requested another update this morning, to see if there’s been a change, but I haven’t heard anything yet,” Bishop said. “It’s just a waiting game.”

The county phones went out on Oct. 15.

Commissioner Art Swannack pointed out that currently, those working for the county have no control over this process.

The county is moving their phone service from Century Link to Granite.

Granite is headquartered in Quincy, Mass.

“At this point, it’s all between Century Link, Granite and the facilitator to get everything moved across,” Swannack said.

While previously there has been some trouble working with Century Link, Bishop said he believes that Century Link and all other entities that are working on this are doing everything they can to move the process along.

“There is no timeline yet, I hope my next timeline is to call you (commissioners) to let you know your phone works,” Bishop said.

The temporary number that is currently on the county website is still working. The number is 509-553-8025.


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