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Trivia Test: October 31, 2019


October 31, 2019

1. TELEVISION: What was the name of the estate in the TV show "Dark Shadows"?

2. MOVIES: What sport was featured in the movie "The Natural"?

3. GEOGRAPHY: What is the largest freshwater lake in Africa?

4. U.S. PRESIDENTS: What type of clothing did President Dwight Eisenhower popularize?

5. ANATOMY: What sense does the olfactory nerve affect?

6. GAMES: In what year did the Frisbee debut as a flying toy?

7. HISTORY: Which country did the Soviet Union invade in 1979?

8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: When is the next Leap Year?

9. MUSIC: Which famous singer was nicknamed the "Godfather of Soul"?

10. MEDICAL: What is the other name of the vitamin riboflavin?


1. Collinwood

2. Baseball

3. Lake Victoria

4. A waist-length jacket

5. Sense of smell

6. 1957

7. Afghanistan

8. 2020

9. James Brown

10. B2

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