On The Record: October 3, 2019


October 3, 2019


Gerald Gajewski, Townsend, Mont., to Janna Nelson, St. John, house on W. Liberty, St. John, $195,000, Sept. 20.

Erick and Quinn Heinz, Phoenix, Ariz., to Gregory and Rachel Taranto, Pullman, house on SW Casey Court, Pullman, $390,000, Sept 20.

Stanley Robichaux, Port Townsend, to Gary and Lisa Goldsmith, Renton, unit at Cedar Pointe Condominium on NE Westwood, Pullman, $250,000, Sept. 20.

Albert and Theda Schauble, St. John, to Marshall Ruehl and Erin Schuster, St. John, house on E. Liberty, St. John, $170,000, Sept. 20.

Sean Long and Heather Green, Moscow, to Joel and Rachel Kuhn, Colfax, house on SW March Street. Pullman, $355,000, Sept. 20.

Barry Folsom, Sr., and Elizabeth Folsom, to Barry E. Folsom, Jr., house on Highway 272, Colfax, $224,500, Sept. 23.

Shopko Stores Operating Co., LLC, Green Bay, Wis., to Cool Investment LLC, Scottsdale, Ariz, quit claim on retail building on S. Grand, $111,000, Sept. 23.

Loren Fry, Colfax, to Hamilton & Wood, 1976 70 X 14 mobile home, $7,000, Sept. 24.

Daniel and Stella Lindgren, Orondo, to Billy Germen, Albion, house on G Street, Albion, $115,000, Sept. 24.

Lisa Ann and Randal Ormond, Pullman, to Melinda Miller and Glenn MacPhee, Coeur d' Alene, house on NW Jaycee Court, Pullman, $420,000, Sept. 24.

Leonard Kandt, Oceanside, Calif., to Steven Fletcher, Post Falls, house on Crosby Street, Tekoa, $7,000, Sept. 24.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Irvine, Calif., to Edward Zubiate, Rosalia, house on S. Summit, Rosalia, $43,500, Sept. 24.

Ryan and Lindsey Smith, Pullman, to Ryan and Deanna Kile, Pullman, house on NW Marshland, Pullman, $465,000, Sept 25.

Brett and Kadee Larson, St. John, to Marie Kelch, house on S. Park Street, St. John, $170,000, Sept. 25.

William and Rachel Paul, Pullman, to George and Nancy Malcolm, house on SW Verona Drive, Pullman, $329,000, Sept. 26.

Joseph and Twila Bensinger, Pullman, to Kevin and Kate Agnew, Mukilteo, house on SW Casey Court, Pullman, $525,000, Sept. 26.

Mader Development Inc., Genesee, to Austin and Laura Cook, lot on block one, Paradise Hills subdivision nine on NW Canyon, $91,000, Sept. 26.

Mader Development to Renstrom Homes Inc., Garfield, also lot in block one of Paradise Hill subdivision nine on NW Canyon View, Pullman, $88,000, Sept. 26.

Federal National Mortgage, Dallas, Texas, to Barbara Haeg and Lori Sievers, Tekoa, house on N. Howard, Tekoa, $238,000, Sept. 26.

Bayview Loan Servicing, Oregon, to Federal National Mortgage Association, house on Conrad Road, Colfax, $183,900, Sept. 26.

Carol and Daniel Larson, Endicott, to Richards and Shawntav Marty, Endicott, house on Third Street, Endicott, $135,000, Sept. 27.

Jason Walker, Pullman, to Adam Jorgensen, Pullman, house on Big Sky Court, Pullman, $355,000, Sept. 27.

West Delta Properties LLC, Vancouver, to Jason Trautschold, Pullman, house on NW Irving, Pullman, $175,000, Sept. 27.

Krista Kline, Palouse, to Jacki Lynne Spratling, Viola, house on SE Union, Palouse, $164,500, Sept. 27.

Diane Mayer and Laurel Jorgensen, Uniontown, to Heather Calabrese, Hoodsport, 1975 Hacienda mobile home in Uniontown, $10,500, Sept. 30.

Kenneth and Sharon Allen, Pullman, to Joseph and Twila Bensinger, Pullman, house on SW Marcia Drive, Pullman, $312,500, Sept. 30.

Brandon Lever, Boise, to HECO Development, Colfax, house on S. Mill Street, Colfax, $200,000, Sept. 30.

Lewis and Debra Reed, Pullman, to Cynthia Knudtson, house on SW Monte Vista Circle, Pullman, $425,000, Sept.30.

Lori Roundy, Harrison, Idaho, to Rosa St. Martin, Colfax, house C Street, Endicott, $14,000, Sept. 30.


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