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Letters: September 5, 2019


September 5, 2019

Ban assault rifles

It is time for the United States to permanently ban the purchase and ownership of assault rifles. The assault rifle serves no purpose except to kill another human being. They have no legitimate purpose for hunting or any other reason except to fuel “Rambo” fantasies. The argument that the assault rifle is needed for personal protection bears no weight because there are many other choices of guns for personal protection. Under the second amendment the terms “well-regulated militia” is often used to justify the ownership of guns. I refer to the term “well regulated.” We have banned the ownership of automatic machine guns because they have no legitimate purpose and under the “well-regulated” provision they are banned.

I think that the ban should also include a purchase buy-back plan and any person possessing such a weapon after a given date be subject to the same penalty for the possession of a machine gun. That is a severe dollar penalty and prison time.

There should also be a limit on the size of ammunition clips or in-weapon storage to six bullets. Many states already have these limits on hunting weapons.

I have seen demonstrations of the AR-15. Its supersonic bullets are designed to not only kill by lethal targeting; they also kill by pneumatic shock to rupture the heart if the person is hit in any extremity.

Over 70 percent of the American population is in favor of this ban. It is time for our Congress to put the ban into effect. If any congressperson votes against such a ban, I believe they are complicit in the deaths of victims during the next mass shooting. History tells us there will be another mass shooting soon. It is time to hold them responsible for their votes and pass this ban.

If congress does not ban the rifles outright, they must register them, and owners must annually provide evidence of liability insurance.

Carl M. Ogren,



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