On The Record: August 29, 2019


August 29, 2019


Timothy Charles Baker, 31, and Tasha Louse Smith, 21, both Pullman, Aug. 22.

Jake Austin Aune, 25, and Maya Jane Wahl, 33, both Endicott, Aug. 23.


Jayson Dobley, Renton, to Mathew Klabfliesch, Pullman, house on SW Baldwin, Drive, Pullman, $278,000, Aug. 19.

Dale Braunger, Yakima, to Eric and Heather Meyer, Moscow, house on S. Lake, Colfax, $38,000, Aug. 19.

John Chapman and Anita Hornback, Pullman, to Joseph and Allison Harris, duplex units on NW State Street, Pullman, $205,000 and $149,000, Aug. 19.

Jason and Eleanor Brown, Garfield, to Tabitha Ries and Jacent Atley, Lexington, Ky., house on W. Union, Garfield, $180,000, Aug. 20

Wendy Thompson, Colfax, to Hui Ying Guan, unit at Townhouse Condominium on SW Crestview, Pullman, $135,000, Aug. 19.

Susan Terrell, Gilbert, Ariz., to Stephanie Turner, St. John, house on S. Loomis, St. John, $112,000, Aug 19.

Philip and Tina Beck, Mukilteo, to Justin and Erin Edmondson, Pullman, house on Shoemaker Place, Pullman, $200,000, Aug. 19.

Nicole Jesaitis, Pullman, to Aracell Garcia Medina, Pullman, 1976 50 x 12 mobile home NW Fisk, Pullman, $12,500, Aug. 21.

Willia Mouton, Jr., Endicott, to Jason Hallman, Endicott, house on H Street, Endicott, $77,000, Aug. 21.

Sandra Nilson, Pullman, to Natalie Smith-Gray, 1973 Lamplighter 64 x14 mobile home on SW Center, Pullman, $20,000, Aug. 21.

Whitman County Sheriff to Rushmore Loan Management, Irvine, Calif., sheriff’s deed on house in 600 block of Summit Ave., Rosalia, $45,000, Aug. 22.

Laura Redmon, Garfield, to Logan and Bre Pfaff, Garfield, house on 2nd Street, Garfield, $30,000, Aug. 22.

David and Marti Fulfs, Thompson Falls, Mont., to Ryan and Lindsey Smith, Pullman, house with acreage on Old Wawawai Road, $683,000, Aug. 22.

David Britton, Pullman, to Riley and Vanessa Moore, Kennewick, house on SR 27, Palouse, $313,900, Aug. 22.

B & S Ventures, Moscow, to Justin Skelleenger, Spokane, house on E. James, Colfax, $37,500, Aug. 22.

Mary Gallway, Seattle, to Lanny and Crystal Cloninger, Pullman, house on NW Linda, Pullman, $240,000, Aug. 23.

Matthew Chazanow and Amanda Randleman, Spokane, to Sharon Draffin, Pullman, house on SE Spring Street, Pullman, $357,000, Aug. 23.

River City Custom Homes, Rosalia, to Mary Ann Ward, house on N. Brockway Drive, Rosalia, $275,000, Aug. 23.

Lothar Goernitz as bankruptcy trustee, Phoenix, Ariz., to Lynette Brimble, Houston, Texas, 12th interest in seven parcels of Cove Road, Tekoa, $27,000, Aug. 26.

Paul C. Eichenberg, Palouse, to Aaron and Ashley Steiner, Pullman, house on N. G Street, Palouse, $325,000, Aug. 26.


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