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Trivia Test: July 4, 2019


July 4, 2019

1. MUSIC: What was the last name of the three brothers who made up the pop music group The Bee Gees?

2. GEOGRAPHY: Where is Cape Flattery located?

3. LANGUAGE: Who is attributed the phrase "bread and circuses"?

4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: How many walking legs does a lobster have?

5. LITERATURE: Which Russian novel begins with the line, "All happy families are alike"?

6. COMICS: What does Pokemon mean in English?

7. HISTORY: What does the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo celebrate?

8. GEOGRAPHY: Which European country has the longest coastline?

9. GAMES: What is the meaning of the word "canasta" in the card game?

10. MOVIES: In which movie did a female monster first appear?


1. Gibb

2. Washington state, at

the most northwestern

point of the contiguous

United States

3. The Roman poet


4. Eight

5. "Anna Karenina,”

Leo Tolstoy

6. Pocket monsters

7. Mexico's victory at

the Battle of Puebla

8. Norway

9. Basket (Spanish)

10. "Bride of


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