St. John Hog Jog draws pre-Bloomsday runners


May 9, 2019

St. John Hog Jog 2019

Youth take off at the start of the Jog with the Hog race in St. John April 27.

Sixty-three hardy souls braved the cold and strong winds April 27 for the annual Hog Jog and Jog with the Hog kids race in St. John.

The Hog Jog has been running for 41 years. It is organized and run by the St. John/Endicott/LaCrosse track and field team as an annual fundraiser.

The Hog Jog is a five mile run that touts some hills which many use as a warm-up for Bloomsday. The Jog with the Hog has a one-mile and a two-mile option for kids or those unable to make it five miles.

The Hog Joggers started from the city park at 8:30 a.m. with the Jog with the Hog races starting at 8:35. Youth from the track team ran along with the younger crowd. The St. John Volunteer Fire Department started things off.

Participants came from near–―St. John, Endicott, Colfax, Pullman, Moscow, Spokane–and–far―Issaquah; Gig Harbor; Boise, Idaho; Sitka, Alaska, and Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Among the participants of the fun run/walk were three generations of the Logen family with grandmother Pat from Stanwood, mother Vicki and children Jonathan, Matthew, David and Thomas of St. John. Also running was Gletta, an Icelandic Sheepdog.

Drawings were held after the runs. Prizes were donated by St. John businesses.


2019 Jog with the Hog (Kids Run)

1 mile: Lyla Kjack (9:49)-1st place girl, Jaysa Robertson (10:40)-2nd place girl, Kailyn Thomas (11:30)-3rd place girl, Peyton Organ (11:31), Jordyn Robertson (11:32), Baylie Robertson (12:48), AJ Palumbo (16:03)-1st place boy, Kyndell Kool (16:04), Stacia Goodwin (16:23), Autumn Countryman (16:29), and Alex Palumbo (16:31)-2nd place boy.

2 mile: Carson Massingale (15:54)-1st place boy, Colton McGraw (15:56)-2nd place boy, Nyan Hartman (16:06), David Logen (26:22)-3rd place boy, Tyler Hough (26:23), Braiden Thomas (26:55), Kaitlyn Hough (26:58)-1st place girl, Kate Hergert (26:59)-2nd place girl, Isaac Robertson (32:34), Jenny Samson (32:33), Shani Hergert (32:46), Tiffani Organ (32:47), Sara Cannon (32:53), Sonja Robertson (32:53), Thomas Logen (32:54), Rebecca Minden (33:03), Teresa Robertson (33:07), LeAnn Thomas (33:20), Vicki Logen (33:33), Pat Logen (34:25), Kathy Pierce (34:26).

2019 Hog Jog (5 mile run)

David McCorkle (36:26)-1st place overall male & 20-29 age group, Trevor Robertson-2nd place overall male & 1st place 40-49 age group, Seth Hartman (40:37)-3rd place overall male & 2nd place 20-29 age group, Matthew Logen (40:37)-1st place 14-19 male, Christine McGraw (42:50)-1st place overall female & 30-39 age group, Ryan Anderson (42:55)-2nd place 14-19 male, Andrea Miller (43:51)-2nd place overall female & 1st place 50-59 age group, Mike Olin (43:51)-1st place 60-69 male, Andrew Hartman (44:43)-3rd place 20-29 male, Jonathan Logen (45:03)-3rd place 14-19 male, Ellie Tollett (45:05)-3rd place overall female & 1st place 14-19 age group, Guinevere Richmond (45:49)-2nd place 14-19 female, Heidi Hough (46:03)-1st place 40-49 female, John Chapman (46:31)-2nd place 60-69 male, Bob Simpson (48:10)-3rd place 60-69 male, Tucker Thompson (48:52), Jim Kackman (49:29)-2nd place 40-49 male, JoAnne Hartman (51:08)-2nd place 50-59 female, Jerry Hartman (52:09)-1st place 50-59 male, Christine Rasquinha (53:26)-1st place 20-29 female, Lauralee Simpson (55:31)-1st place 60-69 female, Heidi Danaher (1:30:27)-2nd place 60-69 female, Melissa Hodgson (1:30:27)-3rd place 50-59 female, Tim Danaher (1:30:58), Stephanie Wolfe (1:37:04)-2nd place 20-29 female, Sarah Suffe (1:37:11), Heidi White (1:43:43)-3rd place 20-29 female, Matthew Simek (1:43:52), Erica Sloniker (1:43:54)-3rd place 30-39 female, Sarah Fitzpatrick (1:51:27)-2nd 40-49 female, John Fitzpatrick (1:51:36)-3rd place 40-49 male.

Model Home Furnishings

St. John Hog Jog 2019

Posing for a post-race picture, left to right, are Tyler Hough, Kaitlyn Hough holding the JD baler she won in the random prize drawing, Kate Hergert, Braiden Thomas and Thomas Logen, all of St. John.

Olivia LarsenSt. John Hog Jog 2019St. John Hog Jog 2019

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