Weekend wind launches Colfax track pads


April 11, 2019

One of the pads from the high jump went the entire distance of the Schmuck Park field before hitting and damaging the fence along the park entry road.

Strong winds during Friday night's rain and thunder storm lifted the thick landing pads for the high jump and pole vault at the Colfax High School track. One of the pads traveled the length of the playing field and smashed into the fence which runs along the Schmuck Park entry road. The impact caused extensive damage to the fence.

The larger pads from the pole vault landing area came to a stop on the short fence which borders the south end of the running track. One of the standards for the pole vault cross bar was knocked out of its mount, and the base of the standard was bent by the force of impact.

The top segment of the other standard, which is used to change heights of the vault crossbar, was bent when it was somehow hit by one of the big pads.

The pads were moved back to their respective places on the field by track team members and parents who volunteered for a work party which assembled Sunday afternoon.

Friday's storm also blew down a utility pole which hit the same fence that stopped the mat from the high jump pit. The pole also damaged the fence.


Both standards for the pole vault event were damaged when the big pad was launched and came to rest on the perimeter fence of the track lanes.


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