Wrong direction


April 4, 2019

I share a sentiment expressed in the letter, "Treason", 3-28-19 -- patriotism. However, I feel that he's shooting his musket in the wrong direction. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties play hardball, and hard headed hardball can abuse the Constitution. I think he's caught up in all that. But he's missing the bigger game that's being played. The world government crowd wants to erase our national borders.

To the defense of the Constitution! But slowly. I don't remember that Ross Perot came right out and actually said that both the Republican and Democratic parties appear to be owned by the international corporations. If he didn't, I think, now, that he should have. Me, I don't often vote for candidates of those two parties.

Ross Perot ran as an independent, opposing passage of NAFTA, GATT, and the creation of the World Trade Organization. He warned that we would hear "a giant sucking sound", as factories were moved overseas. That happened, leaving us with a rust belt, non-union incomes, and a declining middle class of desperate workers who voted for a candidate who promised to make America great again.

Now, the international "American" corporations have their factories and major markets overseas. It smells to me like they keep their world headquarters here so they can buy elections, such that our national government appears to be a puppet government. How else to explain the rapid depredation of our national finances, the foreign adventurism of our military on behalf of international corporations, and the Congress that we have? It's only a do-nothing Congress from our point of view. It's doing plenty from the point of view of global corporations.

After a national bankruptcy, the usual cure is to inflate the currency. People who have fixed incomes will be injected into America's "barefoot peasantry", which is a delicious concept to those who want cheap labor. Not me. I would rather that we were expanding our middle class, honoring our veterans and retirees, and repairing our infrastructure.

I used to think that America was the model that other countries would follow. Now I see that we have turned, and are moving toward the Old World model of a two class society.

It looks to me like we are being returned to a colonial status.

I fear we can't stop it. This boy is forced to accept that there is a natural progression: from hunter-gatherer clans, to farm families, to city states, to regional war lords, to nation states, and now to global governance. It's just that the nature of the emerging global governance is appalling. It's said to represent the member nations, but it does not. The representatives are corporate lawyers who represent their global corporations.


That might explain why the global trade agreements have us running a trade deficit every year, as the "American" corporations grow fat on the overseas commerce that we appear to be subsidizing.

President Trump surprised me. He stopped the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement. Good for him. It would have provided a legal basis for global corporations to sue individual states. That would be the end of our protective border. Literally, the breakup of America. State's rights? Bye-bye. After Trump, the American "sheeple" (excuse me, but it is such a meaningful descriptor) will vote for a Republican or a Democrat, and they will ratify that trade agreement.

There is the concept that the Constitution has enemies, foreign and domestic. The global corporations and their WTO are showing themselves to be foreign enemies. Domestic enemies might be the big investors and we little people with our small 401Ks, etc., and farmers who are thinking about trading away state sovereignty for a temporary trade arrangement. If we vote for our investments, rather than for our Independence, we might be, in the eyes of this county's founders, traitors. As are the Republican and Democratic parties that gave us the WTO and the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement. "Here," I would say to the letter writer, "Here are the traitors."

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I didn't hear about the border-erasing provision of the trade agreement from the corporate media. I heard about it from the Lyndon H. LaRouche organization. I know, I know, but that is where I found liberty-centered information that the Pullman School District didn't teach me, and that the corporate media hides from me.

Reports that I can find state that 95% of the media is owned by six corporations. They cut the newsroom staff, and the survivors deliver the corporate message. Do I have this right? The global corporations own the media, and have divided it into screaming meamies on the left and the right. And the "sheeple" (I'm sorry!) are content to be comfortably outraged by one another, and feel no desire to look up the puppet strings to the hands that are controlling us.

Yes, I know there is comfort in the herd mentality, of "They're racists and haters!" versus "They're parasites and immoral!" But unless we develop the hard eyes of a free people, and fast, America will lose its Independence.

And I mean it.

I dream. Our representatives to the WTO are elected by voters, state by state. Poof! Well that dream didn't last long. State by state, we elect our Congress, but they are bought out by the forces of globalism under the soulless corporation.

I think we are a people expertly divided. We have lived to see the fall. I have no hope for America's Independence. Unless the letter writer is able to form a new party, and arouse We the People from our comfortable divisiveness, to our common defense.

Dream on, silly boy.

--Wiley Hollingsworth, Pullman


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