Saturday at CHS auditorium: Colfax DYW competition will have 'Jumanji' script


March 14, 2019

Chiara Brunialti

Chiara Brunialti

The film and video game "Jumanji, into The Jungle" will be script inspiration for the Colfax Distinguished Young Woman competition which is slated for Saturday in the Colfax High School auditorium beginning at 7 p.m.

The takeoff script for the competition again this year was written by Connie Ellis of Colfax.

Seven junior girls will compete with four seeking the Colfax DYW state entry, one competing to qualify for the LaCrosse entry and two exchange students competing for the experience as part of their stay here.

The four Colfax entrants are Miya Ensley, daughter of Jeremy and Jessie Ensley, who will perform a flute solo; Hayden Fulfs, daughter of Steve and Carey Fulfs, who will perform a vocal drama; Lauryn Kennedy, daughter of Joe and Sabrina Kennedy, who will play the ukulele and sing, and McKenna Lomax, daughter of Jarred and Amber Lomax, who will perform a dance routine.

Kaitlyn Cornish, a student at Colfax who lives with her parents, TJ and Kelly Cornish in the Dusty area, will compete for a LaCrosse entry in the state event because their residence is in the LaCrosse ZIP code. She will be scored on the same standards as the Colfax entries and the judges will determine if she meets the standard for state. Kaitlin will perform a vocal monologue.

National DYW guidelines now allow foreign exchange students to participate in local DYW programs for the "be your best self" experience. They will not be eligible for the state or national experience and will not receive scholarship awards.

Johanna Keller-Tersch from Germany and Chiara Brunialti from Italy have been practicing with the group and will be in Saturday's program.

Johanna, who has been hosted by Rick and Dee Bryson, will perform a dance, and Chiara, who has been hosted by JW and Sarina Roberts, will sing.

Admission will be $9.

Tayma Vanek raffle information

Colfax's Tayma Vanek, DYW of Washington 2019 will travel to Mobile, Ala., in June to represent Washington in the Distinguished Young Woman of America competition. A Raffle will be held at the local DYW program Saturday, March 16. All proceeds from raffle tickets and printed program sales will help Tayma and the Vanek family offset travel expenses to attend the competition in Mobile on June 27, 28 & 29. Raffle items will be gift cards donated by friends and family of past DYW of Colfax representatives. If you are unable to attend the program and would like to donate, donations can also be made at U.S. Bank, Colfax Branch, in Tayma's name.

Info about advertising on the Gazette website can be found here.

DYW LaCrosse and Foreign Exchange students

Participant #5, Kaitlyn Cornish attends Colfax High School, but lives within the LaCrosse Zip Code. Because there is no active DYW program in LaCrosse, the national guidelines allow her participation through the Colfax program. Kaitlyn will be scored by the same standard as all other participants, but her scores will be kept separately and not factored into the Colfax scores or scholarships awarded in any way. After the tabulator has determined the top three scores and awards for Colfax, Kaitlyn's scores will be evaluated by the judges. If the judges determine Kaitlyn's scores meet the DYW standard and fall within the range of the top three Colfax scores, she will be awarded the title of DYW of LaCrosse 2020. If she qualifies in this manner, she will have the opportunity to compete for scholarships at the DYW of Washington State program on Saturday, August 3, 2019.

According to the Non-resident Participant Agreement, participant #6, Johanna Keller-Tersch of Germany, and participant #7, Chiara Brunialti of Italy, are not eligible to be chosen to represent, nor are they eligible for DYW of Colfax program scholarships or awards, but the national DYW guidelines now allow foreign exchange students to participate in local DYW programs for the Distinguished Young Woman and Be Your Best Self experience.

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Kaitlyn Cornish

Kaitlyn Cornish

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