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Trivia Test: March 14, 2019


March 14, 2019


1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the international word (NATO phonetic alphabet) for the letter “O”?

2. GEOGRAPHY: Which U.S. city lies further west: Los Angeles, California, or Reno, Nevada?

3. MUSIC: Which Latin rock band had a hit with the 1999 album “Supernatural”?

4. LITERATURE: Which 19th-century author wrote a book of short stories called “Twice-Told Tales”?

5. LANGUAGE: What does the phrase “fifth column” refer to?

6. ANATOMY: What part of the human body is referenced by the adjective “hepatic”?

7. U.S. PRESIDENTS: What was the name of President Bill Clinton’s family cat?

8. NICKNAMES: Which West Coast city’s nickname is “Emerald City”?

9. ORGANIZATIONS: How many countries are members of Interpol, an international police organization?

10. MOVIES: Who played the character “Iceman” in the 1986 movie “Top Gun”?


1. Oscar

2. Reno

3. Santana

4. Nathaniel Hawthorne

5. A group of spies or traitors within your own defensive line

6. The liver

7. Socks

8. Seattle

9. 194

10. Val Kilmer

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