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By Gordon Forgey

Big money scam


March 14, 2019

A scam affecting some elite universities has revealed how far the rich will go to get their children in prestigious schools.

Apparently, those with money have been working with a so-called charity to phoney up student admission applications.

It is pretty basic. Parents can hire a company to get their kids in the school of their choice. This company has jimmied test scores, had surrogates take admissions tests, paid test proctors and bribed coaches.

The super wealthy, of course, do not need such scams. they can simply buy the school a building or make a large donation.

Those who are wealthy, but not super wealthy, can buy their kids’ way into a school by less public means. Even so, this more devious route can cost well over one million dollars, presumably plus tuition.

One thing not surprising is that a number of the fraudulent admissions involve athletic departments. Many schools have lower admission standards for future athletes than for those following a more academic path. Then, once in school the kids drop their teams.

The elitism of this stinks. Parents and presumably some of the kids have no shame.

At this point, it is uncertain just what part the universities themselves have played in the scheme, although some school employees have benefited handsomely.

This scam is fraudulent and criminal. If nothing else it is lowlife at its worst.

All this, depending on how widespread it is, can reduce or eliminate legitimate students from being accepted into their schools of choice.

However, a little education might do cheating parents some good.

They at least could learn what noblesse oblige means.

Three neighbors

This little bit of news might just help beat off the cold and snow.

A survey of millenials resulted in a list of the 100 best places to live in the United States.

Three nearby neighbors to Whitman County made the list. One was a county town.

Richland ranked number 30. Spokane ranked number 41 and Moscow ranked 60. Our own Pullman ranked 86. A number of factors made up the criteria for the rankings. Details can be found on livability.com.

As residents, it is up to us to extoll the virtues of these places. Just don’t mention the weather.


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