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Greta White follows Smith on school directors state board


February 7, 2019

Greta White

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Greta White

Greta White from Endicott is one of four new Washington State School District Association (WSSDA) board members. She replaced Harmon Smith from LaCrosse.

WSSDA board members are nominated and elected by their colleagues and serve the three-year terms. They can serve up to two terms.

New board members replace board members who are either termed out or have taken on another position on the board or with the state legislature.

Smith finished serving both of his terms on the WSSDA board and had asked White if she would be willing to take on the role, nominating her for the position.

"I am looking forward to the WSSDA board. Ready to learn all the ins and outs of WSSDA," said White.

Greta White is a farmer's wife with two "finally" grown kids, whom she tries to see often. Up until last April, White had spent a lot of her time as her mother's caregiver.

She has served on the Endicott School Board for 11 years. Before she was elected to the school board, she served as volunteer advisor for Kappa Delta sorority at WSU for 12 years.

White has held many positions for the board since that time.

"The interesting thing about any school board position is if you have a specific agenda then you are on the board for the wrong reasons, in my opinion. My goal is always to do what's best for kids," said White.

She also helps out by being a substitute teacher.

"My favorite thing about being on the Endicott School Board is going into our school and see the things that are our kids are excited about in the classroom," said White.

White obtained her emergency certification to be a sub after she found out schools needed more subs.

"It's pretty hard in these little communities to find people qualified to sub," said White.

She actually does more subbing in St. John than Endicott because of the need.

While both schools have their own school board, because of the combined schools for middle school and high school, the school boards are cooperative with their meetings.

For sports, LaCrosse school board also co-operates with the other two. White and Smith worked together during these times.

"The most frustrating part is the state is always decreasing dollars, but increasing requirements, leaving it very difficult to make sure every single student is getting everything they need to be successful," said White.

White and Smith are both from Director Area 10 of the 11 districts in the state. Director Area 10 covers all school districts in Whitman, Lincoln and Adams counties, plus two school districts in Asotin county and five in Spokane county.

"Being from a very small school district, my hope is to give a voice to the plights of our small schools across the state within our Washington State School Director Association," White said.


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