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Trivia Test: Jan. 31, 2019


January 31, 2019


1. MOVIES: Which 1969 movie featured the song "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head"?

2. LITERATURE: What is the name of Harry's owl in the "Harry Potter" book series?

3. MUSIC: Which American actor performs music as his alter ego Childish Gambino?

4. FOOD & DRINK: Which kids' snack, contained in a box with a string handle, was first marketed in 1902?

5. GAMES: In what game is a shuttlecock used?

6. SPACE: Who piloted America's first and shortest flight into space?

7. ANIMAL KINGDOM: Which fish is the fastest in the world?

8. GEOGRAPHY: What is Saigon's current name in Vietnam?

9. ART: Which city is home to the statue "David" created by Michelangelo?

10. MONEY: What was the basic currency of Greece before the euro?


1. "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid"

2. Hedwig

3. Donald Glover

4. Animal-shaped crackers then known as "Barnum's Animals"

5. Badminton

6. Alan Shepard, 1961, 15 minutes

7. The black marlin

8. Ho Chi Minh City

9. Florence, Italy

10. Drachma

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