On The Record: Dec. 20, 2018

Marriage Licenses and Real Estate Transactions


December 20, 2018


Matthew T. Stachura, 22, and Moira Michelle Brenner, 22, both Pullman, Dec. 5.

Shon Dean Clark, 45, and Kenlee Petterson, 45, both Garfield, Dec. 11.

Christopher Joseph Gfeller, 34, and Fun Hwa Min, 41, both Cheney, Dec. 13.


Wanda Alderman, Colfax, to William and Betty Dawley, Colfax, tract with house in Steptoe, $75,000, Dec. 4.

Stephen and Frances Maki, LaCrosse, to Sarah Smith, Moses Lake, house on Big Alkali Road, LaCrosse, $135,000, Dec. 4.

Brenton and Debra Sharvad to Richard and Daniela Newman, Pullman, house on SE Derby, Pullman, $420,000, Dec. 4.

Sai Raghupathula, Pullman, to Adam Brandt, house on NW Robert Street, Pullman, $340,000, Dec. 5.

Mona Garnett, Spokane, to William and Connie Simmons, Kennewick, house on SW Rose Street, Malden, $39,000, Dec. 5.

Daniel and Jean Stromberger, as trustees to Andrew and Angela Shields, land southwest of Lamont, $176,160, Dec. 6.

Tekoa Parks and Recreation to City of Tekoa, six lots in McDonalds addition, and City of Tekoa to Tekoa Parks and Recreation, tract and two lots in Huffman's second addition, all Tekoa, both without charge, Dec. 6.

Donald and Victoria Chatterton, Weslaco, Texas, to Vernon and Juanita Larson, Desmet, Idaho, land parcel l in block six, McDonald's Addition to Tekoa, $15,000, Dec. 8.

David and Elizabeth Soler, Ames, Iowa, to Colby and Heather Thrash, Colfax, house on S. Lake, Colfax, $159,650, Dec. 7,

Robert and Tina Taylor, Pullman, to Bradley and Curt Meyer, Genessee, land on Carothers Road, Pullman, $661,736, Dec. 7.

Bank of America, Anaheim, Calif., to Department of Veterans' Affairs, Loan Guarantee Service, Nashville, Tenn., house on West View Lane, St. John, $33,620, Dec. 7.

Robert and Marsha Olson, Pullman, to Concordia Lutheran Church, Pullman, house on NE Lower Drive, Pullman, gift deed, Dec. 10.

Cheri and Carl Landrum, Colton, to Kyanna Martinez, 2014 Champion 14 X 45 mobile home in Sevdy's Mobile Home Park, Pullman, $20,000, Dec. 10.

US Bank National Association, Coppell, Texas, to Alex Kolli, Spokane, house on S. East Street, Colfax, $29,500, Dec., 14.

Andrew Bible, Clarkston, to Luke Wilder, Moscow, three lots Block 11, Johnson, $20,000, Dec. 10.

Albert Bezdicek, St. John, to Rose Perry, Endicott, house on S. Bartholow Street, St. John, $100,000, Dec. 13.

James Larson and Antoinetta McKanna-Larson, Potlatch to Antonio Lindquist, Palouse, house on E. Cannon, Palouse, $195,500, Dec. 13.

Elizabeth Blakesley, Moscow, to Rebecca Solan and Melissa Solan, house on Arcadia Drive, Pullman, $305,000, Dec. 14.

Kenneth Nash, Pace, Fla ,. to Kathleen and Benjamin Rykken, house on Mountain View Drive, Pullman, $312,500, Dec. 14.

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