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On The Record: Nov. 8, 2018

Marriage Licenses and Real Estate Transactions


November 8, 2018


Stephen Wayne Richardson, 65, and Lynn David Smith, 76, both Spokane, Oct. 30.

Macias Caryl Saul Hernandez, 22, and Palominos Guadalupe, 21, both Pullman, Nov. 1.

Christopher James Dumas, 30, and Nicole Hannah Kapsalis, 24, both Pullman, Nov. 1.


Sudha G. Turpin, Liberty Lake, to S.M Gurusiddaiah, Pullman, quit claim on house in Cassiday-Jorgensen Short Plat, Pullman, $16,000, Oct. 17.

Board of the NW District of Church of the Nazarene and Ewan Church of the Nazarene, to Voncille Morrigan Anderson, church building at Ewan, $43,750, Oct. 17.

Steven and Carmaine Walker, Stanfield, Colo., to Ian Guest, Colfax, house on East Thorn, Colfax, $88,000, Oct. 17.

Brandon and Amy Strobel, Tekoa, to Walter and Yolanda Bone, Plummer, house and lots on S. Truax Street, Tekoa, $232,000, Oct. 17.

Thomas Hanson, Farmington, to Paul A. Garcia, Moscow, 1963 53 X 10 mobile home on Professonal Mall Blvd, Pullman, $7,000, Oct. 18.

Quinton Jacobs, Pullman, to Julie Crothers, Pullman, house on NW Clifford, Pullman, $235.000, Oct. 18.

Itani Quality Homes, Inc., to Helen Shores, Pullman, house on SW Domonic Court, Pullman, $406,000, Oct. 18.

Marianna A. and Thad Wheatley, Pullman, to Jaime Herrara, Corvallis. Ore., house on NW State Street, Pullman, $140,500, Oct. 19.

Steven and Carol Moore, Spokane, to Barbara Jackson, Clarkston, house on N. Ramsey, Tekoa, $954, 500, Oct. 19.

Edward Knott, Liberty Lake, to State Department of Wildlife, lots and land parcels at Revere, $84,600, Oct. 22.

Robert Pharr, Pullman, to David and Margaret Holmes, Clarkston, house on Windus Street, Pullman, $200,000, Oct. 22.

Andrew Thomas, Helena, Mont., to Nathan Arganbright, Pullman, house on N. 2nd Street, Garfield, $118,000, Oct. 23.

Chad McCully, Colfax, to James and Sandra Heilsberg, house on E. Canyon, Colfax, $175,000, Oct. 24.

Manuel Garcia Perez and Daniela Bermudez-Aguirre, to David Nava and Taryn Lopez, house on NW North Street, Pullman, $247,500, Oct. 24.

Thomas and Jodi Chamberlain, Liberty Lake, to James Creitz and Ronna Fifer-Creitrz, house on Carolstar Drive, Pullman , $380,000, Oct.24.

Roger and Nancy Serne, Olympia, to Timothy Peterson and Amy Peterson-Martinez, house on S. Main Street, Colfax, $265,000, Oct. 24.

Steven and Andrea Vanderbeck, Casper, Wyo., to Norman and Gloria Erickson, Colfax, house on N. Cedar, Colfax, $150,000, Oct. 25.

Roger Daniel as trustee for Ira and Willene Daniel Trusts, to Hanging E.B. Ranch LLC by E. Albert Bruns, Palouse, land north of Thomas Flat Road, east of Hooper, $406,200, Oct, 26.

Justin and Leona Melody, Colfax, to Glenn Thomas, Colfax, house on Highway 272, Colfax, $287,500, Oct. 26.

Milton Klettke, Colfax, to Todd Kezar, eight lots and half of four other lots in Diamond, $27,500, Oct. 29.

Paul M. and Laura Hill, Pullman, to Justin and Rebecca Lloyd, Pullman, house in Edgeknoll Drive, Pullman, $461,000, Oct. 29.

Chad and Alisha Salter to James and Patricia Bly, house in Summit Ave., Rosalia, $189,000, Oct. 29.

Hinrich and Co., LLC, Pullman, to Lap Duong and Duyuen Pham, Pullman, lot on SW Barclay Ridge Drive, Pullman, $75,000, Oct. 31.

Mysteli Rosman, Pullman, to Blair and Stacey Estenson, Pullman, house on SE. Dexter, Pullman, $255,000, Oct. 30.

Susan Castleberry, trustee for James A. Short survivors' trust, to Marc D. Bailey, Pullman, house on SE Crestview, Pullman, $395, 000, Oct. 30.

Anne J. Brown, Spangle, to Russell and Sandra Jamison, Garfield, land on Auvil-Wagner Road, west of Farmington, $242,000, Oct. 30.

Brett Myers to Bank of America, sheriff's deed on house on West View Lane, St. John, $33,360, Oct. 30.

LKS Land Company, Spokane to Steven and Carey Fulfs, land south of Albion Road west of Albion, $662,588, Oct. 31.


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