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On The Record: Oct. 18, 2018

Marriage Licenses and Real Estate Transactions


October 18, 2018


Nathanael Joseph Verbarg, 31, to Raven Ann Elkins, 25, both Spokane, Oct. 11.

Daniel Zechariah Tate, 23, and Kaitlin Joelle Geier, 21, both Colfax, Oct. 11.

John Michael Esser, 28, Genesee, and Anna Marie Osborne, 28, Moscow, Oct. 12.

Ria Viola Boren, 27, and Eryn Elizabeth Moore, 22, both Pullman, Oct. 15.

Christopher Bryan Mory, 34, and Lauren Kimberly Adolph, both St. John, Oct. 15.


Dale and Leslie Miller, to Jesse Chute and Celia Forrest, Renton, house on Railroad Ave. and 12 lots in Schwenne's addition to Uniontown, $491,000, Sept. 11.

Andy Campbell and Darcy Hille to Neal and Jennifer Tevlin,Valley, tract of land in W. Fairview area, Colfax, $4,000, Sept. 14.

Glen and Gloria Hower, Pullman, to Nathan Wilson, house on NE Williams Drive, Pullman, $265,000, Sept. 14.

Walter and Valorie Meyer, Rathdrum, Idaho, to GJT Properties, Inc., Boise, in care of Amber Myrick, land on Union Flat Creek Road west of Johnson, $350,000 Sept. 17.

Mona Garnett and Scott Hokoson, Spokane, to Alicia Barranco, house on SE Aerie Street. Malden, $55,000, Sept. 17.

Paul Zambon, Spokane, to Susan Stuart and Roy Nauman, house on SE Aerie Street, Malden, $54,000, Sept. 17.

Robert and Della Hauser, Colfax to Shannon Posey and Alison Larosa, house on Ledbetter Court, Colfax, $282,500, Sept. 17, with subsequent quit claim from Larosa to Posey.

Charles and Abigail Demeerler, Colton, to Jacob and Kindra Church, Colton, house on College Street, Colton, $325,000, Sept. 17.

Chris D. Boyd, Palouse, to City of Pullman, in Chris Boyd Short Plat on Airport Road, $413,000, Sept. 18.

William Tensfeld, Rosalia, to River City Custom Homes, Colbert, tract north part of Rosalia, $15,000, Sept. 18.

Heirs of Glenn Voshell, Lakewood to Joy Belgrade, Colfax, house on Cedar Street, Colfax, $65,500, Sept. 18.

Chris D. Boyd, Palouse, to City of Pullman, 1980 Broadmore 66 X 14 mobile home on Pullman Airport Road, $22,000, Sept. 19.

Patricia Pfaff, Colfax, to Craig VanTine, Colfax, apartment at Wheatland Arms, Colfax, $85,000. Sep. 19.

Estate of Glen Voshell, Lakewood, to Ashlynn Thompson, Colfax, house on E. Thorn, Colfax $132,000, Sept. 20.

Dragon Fly 700 LLC, to Tapio Investment Co., Spokane, Jiffy Lube building at 700 SE Bishop Blvd, $1,150,000, Sept. 20.

Diana Foley, Spokane, to Kevin Anderson, Malden, house on NE Moreland, Malden, $77,250, Sept. 21.

Timothy and Vicki St. John, Tekoa, to James and April Sharpe, Tekoa, house on S. Crosby, Tekoa, $68,000, Sept. 21.

Pat Hartman, Colfax, to Sandra and Larry Cochran, Colfax, condominium unit at Wheatland Arms on Mill Street, Colfax, $73,000, Sept. 21.

Betty Mattoon, Columbia, S.C., to Kati Sharwark, St. John, house on W. Liberty, St. John, $90,000, Sept. 21.

Janice Tollett, St. John; to Helen Chechopoulas and Jared Panpas-Kelley, Nordland; Loren Jackson, Shoreline; and Michelle Stuerman, Manchester, Mo., to Hemmingson Farms, Spokane, each with designated segments of land west of Sunset, $648,000, Sept. 21.

Charles and Barbara Klaudt, Spokane Valley, to Lisa Aase, house on E. Poplar, Colfax, $142,000, Sept. 21.

Denise Baker, Oakesdale, to Joyce Gardner, Lewiston, house on Rednour Street, Oakesdale, $119,000, Sept. 21.

Casey Zander and Will Ferguson, Missoula, to Clifford Miller, Colfax, house on Cedar Street, Colfax, $135,000, Sept. 21.

Itani Quality Homes, Pullman, to Claudio and Olga Stockle, Pullman, house on Domonic Court, Pullman, $397,000, Sept. 21.

Dania Kincaid, Spokane, to James Duncan, Tekoa, house on N. Jackson Street, Tekoa, $25,000, Sept. 24.

Samuel and Sonia Sorem, to Murray and Sara Stanton, Deary, Idaho, house on NE Upper Drive, Pullman, $290,000 , Sept. 24.

Marjory Richett estate to D and M Farms, Rosalia, land northeast of Rosalia, $720,000, Sept. 24.

Wayne Gregory, Colfax, to Valoree Gregory, quit claim of house on Gurnsey Street, Steptoe, $6,000, Sept. 24.

John and Marilynn Alexander, Pullman, to Zachary and Cassandra Campbell, Pullman, house on SE Thompson Street, Pullman, $289,500, Sept. 25.

The Levin Group LLC, Zionsville, Ind., to Stephen Weiner, as trustee of Lawrence Weiner estate, post office building in Oakesdale, $92,685, Sept. 25.

Kelly and Rachel McKinnon, Chandler, Ariz., to Todd and Krystal Peterson, Sammamish, house on SE Spring Street, Pullman, $365,412, Sept. 25.

Michael Kimmell, Olympia, to Teresa and Steven Brandt, Carlsbad, Calif., house on NW Dillon, Pullman, $330,000. Sept. 26.

Douglas Price and Jane Kelley, Coeur d'Alene, to Mary Joy Frei, Moscow, unit at Crest View Village condominium, Pullman, $190,000, Sept. 26.

Itani Development III Inc., to Nadi Rafic, house on SW Cedar, Pullman, $200.,000. Sept. 26.

Gerianna Buckley, trustee for Jeremiah Shea living trust, to Fortunato and Laural Pacios-Rivera, land parcel with residence on the S. Palouse River Road, $393,000, Sept 26.

Barry C. and Danna Moore, Pullman, to James Annest, Burley, Idaho, multi-residential unit on NW True Street, Pullman, $185,000, Sept. 26.

Andrew Larive, Puyallup, to Lucas and Alexa Beckett, Palouse, house on

E. Church Street, Palouse, $145,000, Sept; 26.

City of Tekoa to Tekoa School district, quit claim on land parcels, $1,000, Sept. 27


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