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October 4, 2018

Currently, there are continuous technological advances, especially in the way we communicate, which have led to large media platforms belittling the value of local news reporting. It is essential to be aware of what is happening around your community, not only being aware of what is on your Facebook feed.

Local newspapers represent your surrounding area. They provide citizens with current events, opinion pieces, and now, local newspapers can use the technology that is their own destruction for their benefit by accessing Facebook and Twitter. If you focus solely on national, or world news coverage, it can lead to alienation from your own community. Without being aware of the problems, events, successes, or change that surrounds you, it is impossible to be an active member of your community. It is critical to be informed about both your local area and the world, reading a balance of local and national publications.

A dynamic naysayer insists that with a smartphone you can report on news by yourself with a post to Facebook, without wasting money on a newspaper. There are also several opportunities to join discussions about issues through commenting on posts. It’s important to be aware of the outside world, but forgetting to educate yourself on local affairs is foolish.

As the social media landscape continues to run rampant, local news coverage is seen as a low priority part of society, however, it is extremely important to balance your community and your worldview. Keeping up with the happenings of your local area gives you the opportunity to make positive change. Instead of pushing local news into nonexistence, I urge you to spend the couple dollars to pick up a local newspaper or look up articles on your smartphone for free.

--Madysen McLain, Pullman


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