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By Gordon Forgey

Who is to do it?


September 13, 2018 | View PDF

Last week was tough on President Trump. Advance copies of Bob Woodward's new book were released. Then an anonymous letter was published in the New York Times criticizing Trump and declaring that some of his subordinates were actively trying to thwart his agenda.

Woodward's book has been roundly attacked by some. Others declare that it is a truthful depiction. As for the anonymous letter, published as an op-ed in the Times, criticism is strong over some of the assertions and the fact the author is undeclared. A wild chase is on to name the author and speculation is rampant.

Woodward's book may survive scrutiny. He has written several on presidents, and they have not been discredited.

The anonymous letter is something altogether different. Some have called the writer a hero, but most say it is inappropriate and a dangerous precedent. The Times defends its decision.

In any case, the Trump White House and Trump himself want to know who penned the letter. He has even called the writer treasonous.

As disturbing, the American people and the Republican party seem to be quietly waiting on surrogates to uncover and expose the real situation in the White House.

The only real critics are the Democrats. Their drones of negativism are starting to be perceived as beating a dead horse. They are visibly gleeful over Trump's difficulties. The Republicans are attacking the sources.

As such, each side is doing little more than talking to itself.

The crisis that some say we face or the crisis that many predict will come from such a dysfunctional political situation needs to be addressed by more than just those whose lives revolve in politics, and it needs more than politicians and talking television heads to follow the situation.

Too much in the country is fractured to leave it to the ones who created the situation. Too much is in jeopardy to leave it to those precipitating a worsening of the situation.

There is nobody left but the American people.


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