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Trivia Test


August 30, 2018 | View PDF


1. ANATOMY: What is the normal human body temperature in Celsius?

2. LITERATURE: The monster Grendel appears in what literary work?

3. MATH: What is the least common multiple of 3 and 7?

4. TELEVISION: Who was the first guest of the television news show “Face the Nation” when it debuted in 1954?

5. FOOD & DRINK: What is “tafelwein” in German?

6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What does the name of the martial art taekwondo mean in Korean?

7. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Who was the first graduate of West Point to serve as president?

8. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Morocco?

9. EXPLORERS: Who was the first European explorer credited with discovering the Grand Canyon?

10. MOVIES: Who voiced the character of John Smith in Disney’s animated “Pocahontas”?


1. 37 C

2. “Beowulf”

3. 21

4. Sen. Joe McCarthy

5. Table wine

6. The Foot Fist Way

7. Ulysses Grant

8. Rabat

9. Garcia Lopez de Cardenas

10. Mel Gibson

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