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Marriage Licenses and Real Estate Transactions


August 23, 2018


David Lane Hill III, 31, and Kimberly Marie Kamphaus, 31, both Colton, Aug. 14.

Rodney Jay Rood, 70, and Linda Louise Myers, 62, both Pullman, Aug. 20.


Gregory and Kimberly Coleman, to Vinodev and Vivien Rajasekaran, Pullman, house on SE Meadow Vale Drive, Pullman, $440,000, July 27.

RC Whitman County Properties, to Terry and Sally Jacobsen, house on S. Meadow, Colfax, $355,000, July 27.

Terrie and Steven Nylund, Choteau, Mont., to Courtney Schaefer and Hannah Schaefer, Tempe, Ariz., 1996 28 X 48 mobile home in Pullman, $70,000, July 27.

Yellow Brick Group, Pullman, to Jenny Le and Minh Tran, Pullman, multi unit residence on NW Sunset Drive, Pullman, $240,000, July 27.

DEK Farm, Pullman, to Asa Clark, personal representative of the estate of Elizabeth Clark, quit claim on parcel of land northeast of Albion, $1,500, July 30.

Katharine O'Rourke, Pullman, to Laetish O'Rourke, Pullman, house on Snowberry Lane, Pullman, $220,000, July 30.

Chris and Sherri Densmore, Mission Viejo, Calif., to Matthew Bevington, Pullman, house on SW Henry Street, Pullman, $221,000, July 30;

Catarina Rowley, Lacey, to MDY Enterprises LLC, Seattle, commercial property in 1200 block of N. Grand, Pullman, $517,460, July 31.

Robert Nelson for the estate of Richard Nelson, to Warren and Kelly Neal, Garfield, two parcels of land southwest of Garfield, $422,000; and to Neal Brothers, Garfield, land parcel in same area, $202,000, both July 31.

Jane Joyce, Dayton, to Eric and Tracy Foryan, Pullman, house on NW Parr Drive, Pullman, $165,000, July 31.

Sand Road Land Company to Janet Schilperoot, Palouse, lot in Sand Road Land Palouse subdivision, $50,000, July 31.

William Rima, Fountain Hills, Ariz., to Eric and Linda Sagen, Pullman, land parcel in Second Syndicate addition, Albion, $30,000, July 31.

Pullman Garden Acreages LLC, Bellevue, to Richard and Andrea Tolleson, Pullman, tract C in Pullman Garden Acreages Cluster C shot plat, $95,000, July 31.

George and Janet Mount, Medford, Ore., to Manodev and Katrina Rajasekaran, Pullman, house on Highway 194, Pullman, $500,000, July 31.

Ronald and Jacqueline Frederick, Olympia, to Justin and Melody Smith, Pullman, lot on Red Tail Ridge, Colfax, $29,000, July 31.

Robert and Brooke Rohner, Garfield, to Bonnie Evans, Ramona, Calif., house on N. Oak Street, Colfax, $189,000, July 31.

Itani Quality Homes, Pullman, to Silva Bedoyan, house on SW Center Street, Pullman, $280,000, July 31.

Janice Tollett, St. John, to Hemmingson Farms LLC, Spokane, 13 ag land parcels south of Pine City, $3,290,000, July 31.

Evanna Morgan and William Woltering to James Morrison and Rocio Leon Torres, house on W. Main Street, Palouse, $107,000, July 31.

Joseph and Rose Marie Blake, Pullman, to Clark Holding Company, Pullman, multi- family residence SW Spruce Street, Pullman, $350,000, July 31.

Thunder Eagle LLC, Pullman, to Thomas and Christa Sanford, Pullman, parcel C of Thunder Eagle Busch Pullman Airport Road Cluster A short plat, $125,000, Aug. 1.

Christine and Nicholas Hudson, Laredo, Texas, to Jacob and Saskia Zilstra, Pullman, house on SW Akora Drive, Pullman, $370,000, Aug. 1.

Town of Rosalia to Steven M. Heeb, Othello, 1979 48 X 24 mobile home on Squaw Road, $12,000, Aug. 4.

Madrone Louis Ruggiero, Pullman, to Louisa and Scott DuBois, Orting, 1975 56 X 14 mobile home on SE Professional Mall Blvd., Pullman, $24,000, Aug. 1.

Jason and Heidi Hough, St. John, to Joshua and Kyra Hightree, Moscow, two lots in block 42 in Holbrook's addition to Garfield, $5,000, Aug. 1.

Thomas and Elizabeth Benton, Edwall, to Matt and Christina Sanford, Gold Bar, one and one half lots in Original Town of Guy (Albion) $20,000, Aug. 1.

Cherie M. Burch, Tekoa, to Aaron Pittmon, Ridgefield, house on E. Main Street, Tekoa, $81,000, Aug. 1.

Heather Binkley and Judith Binkley, Palouse, to Karl Jackson, Moscow, house on N. J Street, Palouse, $118,000, Aug. 1.

Stephen and Erma Greene, Pullman, to Glenn Bethmann, house on SE Ridgeview, Pullman, $375,000, Aug. 2.

Gonzaga Preparatory School, Spokane, to Michael and Lauren Brown, Oakesdale, land northeast of Oakesdale, $255,000, Aug. 2.

Jason and Elizabeth O'Loughlin, Pullman, to Theory Investments Property, house on SW Big Sky Court, Pullman, $247,000, Aug. 2.

Travis Woodland and Frank Hobden IV, Pullman, to Jason and Elizabeth O'Loughlin, house on SE Harvest Drive, Pullman, $315,000, Aug. 2.

Patrick Friel, Pullman, to Lisa Hemphill, Priest River, Idaho, house on SE South Street, Pullman, $251,500, Aug. 2.


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