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Good Old Days


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125 years ago

The Commoner, July 28, 1893

Adam Weitz, a Russian laborer, swore out a warrant some days ago for the arrest of his 14-year-old daughter, on the ground of incorrigibility. She was recently given a place to work in a Mill Street family, but when she began a go-as-you-please career she was dismissed. Her father's admonitions were unheeded, and he could not keep her at home, so he resolved to arrest her. When she learned of her parent's intentions, she skipped into the county and was found only yesterday by the deputy sheriff.

100 years ago

The Colfax Commoner, July 26, 1918

There were few business men present at the Commercial Club meeting Wednesday noon and there was no business of importance taken up at the session. R. F. Bigelow, city park commissioner, reported that construction contracts had been let for the erection of the Schmuck park arch and the work would be started this week.

The new Ford car belonging to H. H. Wheeler, which was stolen while it was on Main has not been found. In fact, the officers have discovered no trace of the stolen auto, and it has disappeared as though it had gone up in smoke.

August 2, 1918

The question of erecting a new Main Street bridge was taken up with vigor by the business men of the city two years ago, but like all questions of public interest it was debated spiritedly for a month and a day and then the question was allowed to drop.

Since that time the people of the surrounding country and residents of this city have raised sufficient money to erect a new bridge but the money was not used for this purpose. Instead of spending the money for a new concrete bridge, the money was gathered together and sent east, to help enrich the makers of automobile tires. Any man who cares to see the Main Street bridge will bear out this statement. The bridge vibrates like the branches of a tree every time that a car crosses it, and this constant vibration has loosened every spike in it until they stick up out of the planks from an eighth of an inch to an inch and a half. A man who drives his car across this bridge at the present time has little respect for new tires.

75 years ago

The Colfax Gazette-Commoner, July 23, 1943

The city council Monday evening ordered the removal of the two-hour parking from Main street, declaring that the law limiting the time had not been enforced since gasoline rationing reduced substantially the premium on space. The signs will be kept for use when the traffic volume returns to normal.

July 30, 1943

Miss Olive Grobel, arrived here from Spokane Monday to familiarize herself with her new duties as city and school librarian, the position vacated by Mrs. Charles Paeth who is to become librarian at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane.

50 years ago

The Colfax Gazette, July 25, 1968

Feldman Brothers Tire service have purchased the vacated Malden schoolhouse and several adjoining lots from the Milwaukee Co. and the Town of Malden.

August 1, 1968

With yields in most areas better than anticipated earlier, Whitman county farmers are harvesting one of their largest wheat crops, whose eventual value may reach $33 million.

25 years ago

Whitman County Gazette, July 29, 1993

When one thinks of college students at the Snake River during summer, what usually comes to mind is a non-stop party at the dunes. But a mile upstream from the dunes, a group of students from William Andrefsky's anthropology class are having an entirely different college experience. The 16 graduate and undergraduate anthropology students are working on an archaeological dig at an early Native American campsite along the riverbank approximately three miles downstream from Lower Granite Dam.

August 5, 1993

The Union Pacific Railroad Company has decided against transferring ownership of the Union Pacific, Tekoa and Pleasant Valley lines to the Port of Whitman without rails to trails agreement.


Travis Maiuri, an 18-year-old Endicott resident, was involved in a single vehicle rollover accident last week approximately five miles north of Endicott on the Endicott/St. John Highway.

10 years ago

Whitman County Gazette, July 24, 2008

A bat found in Tekoa was confirmed to have rabies, Dr. Timothy Moody reported July 15 to county commissioners at a Board of Health meeting. Moody said a dog and child were found playing with the sick bat. The bat was confiscated by an adult and turned over to Public Health for testing. The dog has since been euthanized. Moody told the Gazette Monday the child is now undergoing a series of immunizations required after being exposed to rabies.

July 31, 2008

A display with artifacts from Whitman County's secret societies is now on display at the Whitman County library in Colfax. The display features Woodman of the World Colfax Lodge, I.O.O.F and Knight of Pythias.


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