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Real Estate Transactions


August 9, 2018


Krystal Repp, Spokane, to Paul and Raeiah Currier, Pullman, house on NW Polaris Street, Pullman, $229,000, July 10.

Kelly and Ann McKiernan, Pullman, to Frank Sheridan and Paula Marmont, Stanwood, house on NW Wallingford Court, Pullman, $353,313, July 10.

Nicholas and Suzann Henning, to Greg and Sarah Beale, St. John, two land parcels near Sunset, $800,000, July 10.

Allen and Alaina Guyer, Sun City West, Ariz., to Andrew and Ronda Penwell, house on S. Lake Street, Colfax, $258,000, July 10.

Lihua Wang, Seattle, to Brandon and Cheyenne Cochran, Rocklin, Calif., house on Staley Drive, Pullman, $450,000, and land on SW Crithfield Court, Pullman, $48,000, July 11.

Jessica Dixon, Spokane, to Hans and Priscilla Schmidt, Pullman, house on SW Bunchgrass Court, Pullman, $245,000. July 11.

G.S.C. Corporation, Spokane, to Jed Zimmer, Qunicy, two parcels of land near Hay, $244,208, and parcel east of Hay $254, 858, July 12.

G.S.C. to KDR Partnership, land parcel east of Hay, $116,000, July 12.

Dennis McDonald to Richard Corson, house on Parkview Drive, Colfax, $125,000, July 13.

Rene and Aracella Guidi, Bothell, to Dennis McDonald, house on Hauser Ave., Colfax, $235,000, July 13.

Gregory and Teresa Tranholt-Hochstein, Bonney Lake, to Erik Johnson, Garfield, unit at Statesman condominium on NW State Street in Pullman, $121,500, July 13.

Gregory Radzyrewycz, Benson, Ariz., to Jeff Priebe, Pullman, house W. Main Street, Garfield, $78,5000, July 13.

Germain Farms, LLC, Vancouver, to Robert and Laura Johnson, Colfax, land southwest of Pullman, $235,000, July 13.

Katherine and Matthew Almond, Spokane, to Mary Ethridge, Pullman, house on SW Blue Heron Court, Pullman, $589,000, July 13.

J.E.M. Farms, Colfax, to Garret and Nicole Link, land southeast of LaCrosse, $260,000, July 13.

3 Chipmonk Hollow, Superior, Wis., to DFLC LLC, three-quarter interest in land in Johnson area, $413,582, July13.

Thomas and Hyon Hui Lee, Incheon, Korea, to Shane and Jenna Widman, Uniontown, lot in Red Tail Ridge subdivision, Colfax, $34,500, July 16.

Sarah Marron and Javie D'Acosta, Pullman, to Jason and Carrie Porter, Yankton, S.D., house on S.W. Casey Court, Pullman, $433,000, July 16.

Trier and Jeanette Johnson, Richland, to Ross and Kristy Lees, Pullman, house on NW Emily Court, Pullman, $500,000, July 16.

David Powell and Mary Margaret Kehne for the estate of Kathrine Powell, to Shelley Young, house on S. West Street, Colfax, $153,500, July 16.

Mildred Repp, as trustee, to Angela Nickell, Colfax, unit at Wheatland Arms condominium, Colfax, $75,000, July 17.

Jeremy and Amy Schluneger, Colfax, to Matthew Johnson and Taylor Nelson, Davenport, house on Highway 272, Colfax, $187,500, July 17.

Trevor Price, Pullman, to Justin Byington, Pullman, 1969 Rex 52 x 12 mobile home on S. Grand, Pullman, $18,000, July 17.

Donald Foster, Pullman, to Sarah DeVleming, Pullman, 1995 Fleetwood 14 x 66 mobile home on NW Golden Hills Drive, Pullman, $47,000, July 18.

Bianca Quintilani, Tustin, Calif., to Jennifer Schwartz and Eric Johnson, house on N. Park Street, Colfax, $56,000, July 19.

Jack Fulfs, successor trustee of the Bernadine Fulfs Seabrandt Trust to Jack Fulfs and Daniel Fulfs, each 40 percent, and Virginia Gismervig, 20 percent, land south of Albion, $1,234,062, July 19.


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