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By Garth Meyer
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Colfax school budget set for the 2018-19 year


August 2, 2018 | View PDF

Colfax School board approved a budget for the 2018-19 school year Monday night for a total of $17,156,792, with Business Manager Reece Jenkin telling the board they will likely need to go into reserves next year as the new local levy revenue will be down and state revenue increases.

For 2018-19, Jenkin based the budget on an estimated 550 students in the district.

“Really hope to have more than that,” Jenkin said.

Last year's estimate was 562 students, with an actual total of 570.

The new estimate projects for 30 incoming kindergartners in the fall and the loss of 61.6 students, the number of seniors enrolled, monthly average, in 2017-18. The estimate of 30 kindergartners represents a smaller class size this year, compared to recent classes of around 40.

Jenkin noted that the $750,000 levy for the year will amount to $648,677 “when everything is said and done,” referring to the amount of money collected per assessed property value in Colfax.

Related to this, total revenue forecast for the district in 2018-19 is $7,873,769, compared to $7,493,399 for 2017-18, reflecting local tax down and state revenue up, due to the effect of the 2012 McCleary decision and subsequent state legislation taking effect.

“That's going to be a recurring theme,” Jenkin said. “Not just this year, but the next couple years.”

In 2018-19, the district will collect 12 percent of its revenues from local taxes, compared to a previous 18-19 percent.

Under the new rules, a property's assessed value multiplied by $1.50 is the maximum for collection in a levy.

All told, the 2018-19 Colfax school district budget is as follows: $7,923,654 for the general fund, $271,885 for ASB (Associated Student Body), $1,390,308 for debt service, $7,295,945 for capital projects and $275,000 for transportation.

“We are certainly being conservative and cautious with our budgets, to give our kids and staff what they need,” said Pugh.

“We're okay for now but we are gonna see some challenges in the future,” Jenkin said.


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