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Rule of law


July 26, 2018 | View PDF

The framers of our Constitution weren't just a bunch of fellows plotting ways to get rid of annoying British overlords. They were educated, and beyond that, very smart. They knew that if they didn't put down some strict basic guidelines for this nation in its infancy; they would end up with something not unlike what they were fighting against. What then would be the point? What they came up with was genius - so basic and so effective, that nearly two-and-a-half centuries later it is still functionally the foundational law of the land.

American culture rests on what is called the rule of law. It is so deeply embedded in our unconscious that mostly, we don't think about it. It's an autonomic system that keeps our nation from being a collection of armed fiefdoms. Simply put, it states that the law is above everyone, and it applies to everyone, without exception. We go about our daily business, believing that we are protected by our rights and freedoms which are guaranteed by our Constitution. And, we are not wrong.

What keeps the Rule of Law working for us are the men and women who take on the responsibility for providing the judgments according to the laws we live under. These individuals study our laws, our rights and our responsibilities for keeping that order we depend on in our society. They become lawyers, and they work tirelessly to provide our towns and cities with fair and comprehensive representation and protection of individuals. And some of these men and women make the decision to take their passion and commitment to another level. They become judges.

To be a judge, I believe that personal integrity is the foundation for being a good one. That person has to have values - rules by which they live. He or she must have morals - an ability to judge others in the clear light of the law. And, finally, they must have ethics - professional standards. To be a good judge, a person must have all of those things, in abundance.

Dan LeBeau is such a man. In my experience as a very close friend, I have come to depend on him to reflect those qualities which would make him a good judge. I believe that an examination of his life would show that he is indeed a man of integrity, with deep values, unshakeable morals and a strict adherence to the ethics that are part of his job. He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. He is not only an exceptionally good man in his work life, he is a kind and considerate friend. He is both passionate and compassionate. A man on whom you can depend. An unrepentantly honest man who will be true to the laws of our land and who will rule over his courtroom with wisdom and grace. As a judge, Dan LeBeau will guarantee that we can, indeed, here in Whitman County, depend on the rule of law.

--Penelope Gonzales, Albion


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