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July 26, 2018 | View PDF

Trump will destroy the rest of the world later, after he…

a) Guts enforcement of the clean air and water acts

b) Deregulates big banks and eviscerates consumer protection laws and agencies

c) Cuts taxes for the superrich while running up huge deficits and ballooning the national debt

d) Pardons Sheriff Joe Arapaio and the Hammonds gang of the Malheur standoff (among others) to show that the law doesn’t matter if you’re a Trumper

e) Puts people in charge of agencies whose avowed purpose is to put them out of business. (e.g. climate change deniers to head the EPA, private school profiteers in charge of public education)

f) Fires the Cybersecurity chief and doesn’t replace him in the face of clear evidence from our intelligence agencies that Russia hacked our elections (which he doesn’t believe)

g) Drives our farmers (among others) out of business with tariffs and a trade war

What next? Your guess is as good as mine.

--Steve Swoope, Colfax


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