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Competency exam for Novak

A competency examination was ordered Friday morning in superior court for Michael Novak, the Colfax resident who has already pleaded guilty to charges of assault, indecent liberties and voyeurism. Novak’s attorney, Roger Sandberg, requested the court to order the examination.

Sandberg was appointed June 3 to represent Novak after his court-appointed attorney, Steve Martonick, stepped aside because of a potential conflict of interest.

After entering his guilty pleas to the three charges May 6, Novak requested an evaluation to determine wether he qualified for a sexual offender sentencing alternative. Sandberg told the court Friday morning that evaluation has been completed. The court has also received a pre-sentence report on Novak.

Novak was arrested March 18 at his residence on Klaus Road in the Wilcox area. The voyeurism charge alleged he took photos of visitors at his residence when they were in situations where they could expect privacy. The assault charge stems from an alleged confrontation Novak had with one of the female victims.


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